No babies?

Okay, I know it's kind of weird that all of my actual posts have to do with children. Haha, but that is totally by chance. Anyway, today at school I was in my biology class and we were talking about the Gardasil shot that is supposed to protect you from certain HPV strains. Well, we came up on the subject that this shot supposedly cause sterility in some patients. I had the series of three shots.

I freaked out. Yes, I am young and I do not want any babies of my own for at least ten years. But, I still want to be able to have them when I get older. Now, this could all be me blowing up everything in my mind to make it worse than it actually is, which I do quite often. But it brought to attention all of the opinions about this shot out there.

My mother made both my sister and I get this shot, and she did it out of love and wanted to protect us from cancer. But now all of the side-effects are coming out and I am actually kind of worried. I didn't even have to get the shot, that is what I didn't understand, I mean...I was (and am) definitely not having casual sex. So, I figured it was silly for her to get it for us. But she was looking out and it was all in good thought.

I looked up all of the side effects. And there is so much information that doesn't actually lead me into a direct answers. Is the shot a good or bad thing? In some tests they did in lab rats the lab rats proved to be sterile, and also right after they recieved their vaccine some girls even died. I don't really have to worry about dying because I have had the shot for at least two years. But it is still kind of scary. I hope to find out more, and I hope that there is nothing wrong with me either.

But what I want to know, what do you guys think about this controversial shot?