What do Ghosts and Goblins drink on Halloween? Ghoul-aid! :p

Hey guys. :)

Again with Halloween things, this is the make-up I'm wearing today. I'm going to chaperon trick and treat. It should be pretty fun! (:

Here's my make-up for today. I finally got my palette so I decided to go with a color that I rarely ever use. ORANGE! (Perfect for Halloween)
Here's how I did it:
First, I put a shimmery orange above my lid but under my brow bone.
Second, I started on my lid color. I put a dark shimmer brown on the whole lid.
Third, still, on the lid I put a sparkly gold on the inner half of my lid.
Fourth, on my bottom lash line I put a deep blue on the inside half of the lash line.
Fifth, I put a dark purple on the other half.
Sixth, I finished the eyeshadow off with a light shimmer/sparkle color that was kind of nude? I'm not really sure what color it was. Lol.
Seventh, I then went on the the eyeliner. I lined the bottom lash line lightly (the eyeshadow down there is already pretty dramatic) with brown.
Eighth, on the top lash line I used black liquid eyeliner (i use wet-n-wild, i find it to be the best and easiest to use) and put a double cat eye.
And to finish it off I used black mascara.
I got this idea from itsjudytime, but in the process i made it my own.  


 Called Gargantuan Green Grape. I LOVE it. :)

Happy Halloween! :)


Happy Halloweeeeeen! (:

 I photoshopped a picture of my cousin and I , and yes. It was my Facebook profile picture.

 This is my pup. He's a hippie for Halloween. :)

Hi! (:

This week is HALLOWEEN! My absolute FAVORITE holiday. Yea, I know, I know...kind of a silly holiday to be your favotire, right? But it is. I have loved it ever since I was a little girl trick or treating at my grandma's. Well, ever since then I have had this love for Halloween and the whole season in general.I mean, I have the witch earings, I do my nails. It. Is. Awesome. The apple cider, the pumpkins, the falling leaves, the warm colors, sweatshirts, leggings, the whole thing! My absolute favorite though is the pumpkin spice cappicino. Mmmm, if you haven't had it before you HAVE to try it.

But any way, I found out what I was going to dress up as. Audrey Hepburn off of Breakfast at Tiffanys.

I won't really look like her other than the clothes, hair, and make-up though. I am not nearly as thin as she was. Nor would I want to be. Lol. But I plan on wearing a little black dress with heels. I also have a vintage clutch with a mink scarf. So I am set on the out fit.

The make-up will be reletivly easy as well, just natural make-up with a dramatic cat-eye will do.

Now, the hair. THAT is my problem. I'm not sure how to accomplish this high up-do with the type of hair that I have.

See, I have layered hair about to the middle of my shoulder. And I don't have bangs. So this will be the hardest part of the whole outfit. So, we will see how that goes.
I'm sure I will look hot no matter what though. ;)

If not, I could always go as a ghost. ;)

Happy Halloween! (:


So, hi.

This week is awesome because I GOT NEW MAKE-UP

You are probably wondering, "Hm, Rachael...why are you so excited? And what kind of make-up is it exactly?"

Well, I was on my friend Judy's blog. She is my idol and I check her blog almost everyday. Yes, I don't know her, but I feel like I do. I seriously LOVE all of her ideas for hair and make-up. She is my go-to girl. I advise you to check her out.

The make-up is from BH cosmetics. I have heard a lot about them, when I was looking for some MAC make-up. But I decided to get this because you get so many colors for cheap. I figured that I am young and I have my whole life to spend on MAC make-up. ;) Anyway, I ordered the 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette.

I am definatly a fan of sparkle and shimmer eyeshadows. And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVVVVVE all of the colors! I am definatly going to have a hayday with this. And from all of the reviews that I have seen, this is quality make-up for cheap. I ordered it for $19.95, plus $7.50 shipping, making it a whopping $27.25. That's practically 25 cents for each color! A great deal.

So, as you can see, this is why I am having a great week. :) Can't Wait! (: