college takes up a lot of time.

SO, I know I keep making excuses as to why I am not posting as often as I would like. But I can explain myself. 

I am in college.

And since I am using that as an excuse to deprive you lovely's without sufficient and entertaining and witty posts I will just tell you about it. 


Welllllll, I've been studying a LOT. But as a result I got a 4.0 first semester. Hollllllaa.

I've been having fun with friends. 

Chillin' wit ma super cool rommie. (Shout-out to by home gurl Hay-Dizzle!)

And have no worries, I am still getting some quality Bug time. 

I also have been drinking a lot of coffee. I know, surprising. 

So there you have it. My excuse. I hope you understand. ;)