saturday secrets.

Another Saturday Secrets. Let it all out. 
No one will judge you. Go for it.

If you need any advice, I am willing to listen and advice, email me at rachg.423@gmail.com.

Here's the rules: 

1. This is open to anyone who wants to participate, from regular follower to casual visitor. 

2. Post a secret anonymously, no names please. 

3. I will not censor anything - so feel free to say whatever you need to. I will delete the comment if it is harmful to someone else's feelings though.

4. I do this for you guys - so you can get some weight off of your shoulders. It's for you and if you are not comfortable with sharing, that is entirely okay.  

5. And not only am I writing this post, but I am going to participate as well. One of the comments will be mine. 



just a heads up.

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mixing prints.

I don't know about you guys, but a trend that I have seen lately is mixing prints.

At first, I was like, "Oh, no. We are all about to look like we got dressed in the dark."

But then I looked up some different outfits. It can actually be accomplished cutely.

That was a surprise to me.

BUT - don't get me wrong, it can be done completely wrong.

Exibit one.

So here are some tips when it comes to mixing prints that I hope you all take into account when trying out this new trend.

FIRST - Do not mix too many prints. If you have zebra, checkered, stripes and polka dots all in one outfit that could be a problem.

SECOND - Make sure the colors of the outfits compliment each other. (ex: red with navy blue, or green with white)

THIRD - Combine "tight" patterns with loose patterns. (ex: stripes with swirls)

FORTH - Big with small patterns.

FIFTH - Have one key piece and form your outfit around that piece. 

I hope that made sense. It did in my mind. 

But PLEASE, before you decided to venture off in the mixing patterns trend consider these five, helpful, simple tips. :)

Have a wonderful day! 

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STOP - Enter this giveaway first. 

Yet ANOTHER outfit of the day.

Sweater - Kenar
Tank - American Eagle
Jeggings - American Eagle
Sandals - Minnetonka
Earrings - Illusy - For 15% off use SOHI15

This is a really simple outfit. 
But still cute. 
You know. 



joy inspiration.

Hey all! I'd like to take this time to show you guys an absolutely wonderful Etsy shop

The owner of the shop is Joy. And she is the sweetest and most talented woman ever. 

She not only is the mastermind behind amazing photography, but she has come out with this wonderful greeting card and stationary company. 

Take a look at some of her lovely, lovely creations. 

She can customize it for you. 

She can make you laugh.

She can make you smile. 

She can help you make the day of someone else. 

So, with her trying to brighten the day for all of you she has offered to giveaway 4 exclusive cards.
You guessed it, in honor of the stache she has made a cute little mustache card for one of you guys! 

To enter this giveaway all you have to do is...

Check out her shop and tell me what you like the best. 
and follow my blog. :)

The winner will be announced on Friday! 
Good luck! :)

PS: Guess who turns 18 tomorrrrrow! :)


so electric.

Here is my make-up for today. I thought it was spunky and fun. What do you think? 

I'm all about neon eyeliner. And lips. Which, is obviously what this look is portraying. ;)

I'm now taking sponsors for May! Please email me (rachg.423@gmail.com) if you are interested! :)


mug cookie recipe.

Do you have that craving for a warm, gooey, chocolate-chippy cookie right now? You know, the kind that comes right out of the oven, and when you pull it apart you can see the chocolate ooze out of it. The kind of cookie that slowly melts in your mouth? 

How would you like to have that cookie in 50 seconds? 

Well...look at that. By the time you read this post you will have a cookie made. Perfect! 

Lets get started. 

First! Melt a tablespoon of butter in the mug of your choice. 

Secondly, add one table spoon of white sugar, one table spoon of brown sugar, a pinch of salt, and a 'lil vanilla. 

Add and egg yolk and mix it up with a fork until it is smooth. 

Add 1/4 cup of flour.

Mix it until it looks like...well...cookie dough.

Add some chocolate chips, or white-chocolate chips, or butterscotch...whatever you heart desires.

Mix it again.

Microwave it for 40-50 seconds. 

And wa-lah! You made a cookie in a mug. :)

Now, grab a tall glass of milk and enjoy. 




i love illusy.

As you can guess from this title, this is a post about one of my lovely sponsors. 

I don't know if you guys noticed from the last post about this wonderful Etsy shop, but this girl is amazing. 

Her jewelry is so simple, but yet so unique. 

It's my style to a T. 

So, I got some new earrings. Take a look.

The earrings are always wrapped so beautifully! :)

Now these are the kind of earrings someone is either going to love, or going to hate. Personally, I love them. :)

BUT - Illusy has a treat for you guys. She has given us a discount code to use at her shop! 

The code is: SOHI15

15% off! Oh yea! 

So get to it. Check out her site and fall in love.

Have a wonderful weekend. :)