i love illusy.

As you can guess from this title, this is a post about one of my lovely sponsors. 

I don't know if you guys noticed from the last post about this wonderful Etsy shop, but this girl is amazing. 

Her jewelry is so simple, but yet so unique. 

It's my style to a T. 

So, I got some new earrings. Take a look.

The earrings are always wrapped so beautifully! :)

Now these are the kind of earrings someone is either going to love, or going to hate. Personally, I love them. :)

BUT - Illusy has a treat for you guys. She has given us a discount code to use at her shop! 

The code is: SOHI15

15% off! Oh yea! 

So get to it. Check out her site and fall in love.

Have a wonderful weekend. :)



  1. These are so cute and you are beautiful x

  2. What a sweet little shop! I like how dainty the jewelry is: simple, understated, and pretty.


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