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Yet ANOTHER edition to my color series. 

Lavender is so dainty and elegant. It's also a little flirty (which you know I love) so it is the perfect color for this time of year. You can wear very little or you can where a lot. It's all what you make of it. 

Here is some inspiration.

I love it. 

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perfect summer nails (how-to).

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Okay, I'm going out of town for the next few days so I decided to do a quick post that I think you guys might enjoy for this lovely Memorial Day weekend. 

Some pretty summer nails. 

All you need is a make-up sponge, 3 (or more) nail polish colors, white nail polish, and a top coat. 

Then follow these simple directions.

Hope you like them! 

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your thoughts?

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It's almost summmmmmer. So, you know what that means.


What do you think of feather extensions?

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old school.

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Just a quick post that I thought you might enjoy. 

This here is the girl who writes this blog today. 

Wasn't I a cutie? ;)

Have an absolute wonderful day, friends. :)



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what i'm loving: bandeau tops.

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With summer almost here I decided I would post about one of my favorite summer trends this year.

Bandeau tops.

Guys, I'm seriously in love with these. They are so fresh and fun.

Perfect for summer.

The main way that they are supposed to be worn is underneath a sheer top.

Or you could always pair them with a high waisted skirt or shorts.

I will probably end up wearing them underneath a loose fitting tank. 

I think that they are absolutely beautiful! How would you style your bandeau top?

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Now, on to what you want to know. The winner of the Illusy giveaway is...

#389...Miss Elyse! 

I hope you enjoy your lovely, new jewelry! 

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cutie of the day.

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Thank you.

Okay, okay, I know that I have already done a hottie of the day post this month, but I was begged to feature this lovely man by one of my friends, Erika.

The man of the day is Mr. Aaron Craft. Yes, the Ohio State basketball player. Number 4. Here we go...

Hey there, everybody! Okay, so I'm assuming that most of you have never heard of this amazing guy before, but as Rach already mention---his name is Aaron Craft, and he is a heart throb. If any of you have ever watched an Ohio State basketball game, you would instantly fall in love.

"Hug me."


Two thumbs up for his cute little smile.


Did I mention he's super smart? He can do a Rubix cube in less than a minute, and is currently a pre-med student at OSU. He received his first B (ever) last year....in Chemistry...and it was a B+.

Now, that looks like a good handshake. You know what they say, a great handshake equals a great man.



Hope you enjoyed him :)



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