It's that time of the year, to step back and remember what we are thankful for (it actually should be every day, but honestly, it never seems to take special importance until this season.)

With that said, I have compiled a small list that all of us should be thankful for... things that often go unnoticed until we are without it. 

1. Pillows.
2. Hot tea. 
3. Expresso shots. 
4. Heating blankets. 
5. Nail polish. 
6. Love. 
7. Being able to gather with family during the holidays. 
8. Fluffy dogs. 
9. Kittens.
10. The look in a babies eyes when he/she see's there mother after a nap.
11. The smell of an evergreen. 
12. School. 
13. Our health. 
14. All of the color in the world.
16. The way if feels when you take out a high pony after a long day. 
17. The way it feels when you peel off a face mask. 
18. Being able to have hot water so you can actually enjoy a shower. 
19. Fuzzy socks. 
20. Shoes that you don't have to wear socks with.
21. Bobby pins. 
22. Our safety. 
23. When someone randomly buys your Taco Bell order and just says "Merry Christmas."
24. The night sky in the country. 
25. Candles. 
26. Free birthday meals from restaurants. 
27. Cozy fires. 
28. Cuddles from your love. 
29. Hugs from your mom. 
30. The overall love you feel everyday. From that text making sure you made it home, to those thoughtful Christmas gifts you are about to receive. 

Just remember that we are SO BLESSED. If you have the ability to be on the internet right now, you are so blessed. You have a roof over your head, food in your belly, a family that loves you. It's so important to lose sight on what is important to you in the hustle and bustle of life, but we all are truly SO BLESSED in so many ways. 

This is just a small list, and surely there are so many more little things that we should be thankful for, but hopefully it is a little reminder as to how much we need to take a step back and thank God for the life he as given us. 

What are you thankful for? 

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last minute gift ideas.

WHAT? There are only 4 days until Christmas?! 

Well if you are anything like me, you have bought some of your gifts, but lets be honest...you still have quite a few to buy. 

I'm sure some of you are in the same boat as me, so here are some ideas for gifts to get for your loved ones! 

1. Cookies. I always make cookies for last minute gifts, because, lets be honest. Who doesn't like cookies? 

2. Knit something. Don't know how to knit? Literally Youtube it. So easy. Make a cup coozie or a ear warming. Literally takes no time at all and it's handmade, and believe me, everyone appreciates something homemade! (I am planning on doing a post on teaching you guys how to knit, stay tuned!

3. Make a recipe basket. Have a yummy recipe you like to make? Well, head over to Walmart and get all of the ingredients and put them all cutely in a basket, tie a bow around it, and leave the recipe card. BOOM. DONE. 

4. Make your own coupon book. Have a mom who is overworked? Make a coupon book for her with coupons saying "Good for one free dish wash", "Good for one home cooked meal cooked by me", etc. A Boyfriend that deserves the best? "Good for one massage" "Your chance to pick the date" "Date's on me tonight." It's so cute, cheap, and so thoughtful! 

5. Make a homemade mug. Go out and buy yourself a plain mug, decorate it with a sharpie, bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees, then you're done! You're left with a super cute gift that will be used all the time. 

What are your go-to last minute gifts?!
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how to prepare for FINALS.

It's that time of the year again, folks. 


Today kicks off finals week for my school, and since I have a few years under my belt I figured I could provide some of you newbies with some tips to make it through this rough time in your life. 

It really does suck, doesn't it? 

Well I have compiled a list of the best way to prepare for finals and to not completely freak out. I hope it helps. Here goes...

1. Sleep. Literally this is SO IMPORTANT (take it from m I was a tutor for 3 years, I know my stuff.) It actually is better to look over your notes once and get a good nights sleep rather than cram the all night the night before. It's been scientifically proven. Swear.

2. Reward yourself while studying. Whether that be food, an hour of a tv show you love, or talking with friends. You need to take a break, so enjoy that break.

3. Never study for one subject longer than 3 hours. If you go past 3 hours, you are going to get no where. Your brain has already retained all of the information it is going to. Either switch subjects or take an hour break and come back to it. 

4. Don't let anxiety get the best of you. I personally have a problem with this, and I am always working on trying to remind myself that grades really don't matter in the grand scheme of things. If you pass, you'll most likely be okay. And if you put in the work, you will be fine. 

5. Remember this is only one week in your life, and regardless in 5 days it is going to be over and you are going to be home with your family enjoying break. 

6. If you're a senior, don't let finals take over your last moment in college. Enjoy it to its full extent. You won't remember the tests, projects, and papers in 20 years, but you will remember going out with your friends for dollar tacos, getting drinks and reminiscing about the past four years, and just spending quality time with people you might not see again for 15 years. 





Come one, come all, future brides and sorority girls. I have a post dedicated to the most PERFECT monogrammed accessories. 

I have been loving monograms lately (I know, I'm a little behind on the trend) and I have been slowly growing my monogrammed accessories/clothing. 

I just think it's such a cute way to customize literally everything! From jackets, to bags, to cups, to hats. The list is endless. 

So here are a few of my favorite products currently from the wonderful site of Etsy (since you should ALWAYS support small business, right?!) 

These ADORABLE wine glasses. 

This cute vest. 

This necklace. 

Personalize your phone or laptop! 

Or a super cute spirit jersey? 

All of these items are available on Etsy at the links provided! So go out there and support small business and save some money while your at it! 



Just in time for Christmas check out these super super SUPER adorable hats from Riley Beth Customized Shop. They are only 10 dollars and you can pick from any colors you can imagine! 

Luckily I was able to review one and I LOVE IT! So cute and unique! Plus I love the option for a sparkle monogram. Perfect! 

Perfect Christmas gifts! And at 10 dollars? How can you NOT go out and get one of these?!?


*PS: I was sent the monogrammed hat to review. All opinions are my own.


10 things i love about winter.

Hello lovlies! 

So, it's December 5th, AKA winter-time and it got me thinking, man I really do not enjoy winter. The cold, dry air is just not that fun to walk to class every day in (thank goodness this year is a mild winter, I don't think I could handle another winter like the past two years again). 

But I'm trying to stay positive so I decided to post about my top 10 favorite things about winter. So here goes... 

1. Being able to wear cozy sweaters. 

2. Being able to gain some extra weight because you can hide it under those cozy sweaters. 

3. The snow actually is, well, pretty. 

4. HOLIDAY SEASON. Friends, family, a break off of school... what could be better? 

5. Cuddling by the fire place. (I mean, what's better than acting like you are the star of a romantic comedy?)

6. Christmas decor, music, and an overall feeling of joy is also wonderful. Not to mention the sparkling of a lit Christmas tree is beautiful.

7. HOT BEVERAGES. I don't know about you, but I love hot lattes, chocolate, tea, etc. but I can't make myself drink these hot beverages when it is actually hot out. I should get over it, but I literally cannot drink a hot drink when it is over 70 degrees out. 

8. Seeing children build their first snowman/have a snow ball fight. SO CUTE. 

9. Seeing dogs play in the snow. 

10. And last, but definitely not least, HOLIDAY FOOD. Mac N Cheese, mashed potatoes, pie, chex mix, stuffing, etc. It's all wonderful, and what's great is you can splurge during this time of the year because well...refer back to #2. 

Why do you love winter? 

PS: Photo's taken from weheartit.com