send some love.

I was surfing the web (like always) and I cam across a lovely blogging friend. And she showed on her blog this lovely internet sensation. Snail mail by email. It is a completely free of charge service that helps you spread the love to anyone and everyone. All you have to do is send an email to them saying what you want to write to your loved one and they hand write it, add doodles/flowers/perfume/lipstick kisses, put it in an envelope, stamp it and mail it. It's so amazing that I thought I would show my lovely followers it. So go here. And spread the love. You only have 15 days left so hurry! 


comic strip nails.

Newspaper nails was SO last week. How about this hot nail art. Same idea, different look. Comic strip nails. 

Now that you have seen the pictures and saw how AWESOME they look. Let me tell you how to do them.

What you need.
Rubbing alcohol.
White or nude nail polish.
Ten strips of the comics (make sure to choose the cutest cartoons).
Top Coat.
Small cup. (You put the alcohol in this, if you didn't know lol.)

What you have to do. 
1. Paint nails a nude/white color and let dry. 
2. Dip the comic strip cartoon in the alcohol for 2-3 seconds. 
3. Press the paper firmly on nail for 30 seconds. 
4. Carefully peel strip off.
5. Apply top coat.

That's it! Easy. Try it and let me know how it turns out, I'm totally open for pics too. :)

These are my toes. I just thought that I would post this on here to show those of you who don't know what the shatter looks like, since you were all interested in my other nail post. It's cuuuuute. :)

And Bug just decided to make a cameo on my post. I hope you don't mind. ;)


feather extensions - what do you think?

I know I might be a little late to the whole trend, but I have been meaning to do another post incorporating my lovely sponsors (See here if you are interested in future opinion posts! It's completely free!). So I figured that the new craze, feather extensions, would be a great topic. Last time I did an opinion blog I got a lot of different views, and I want to see even more this time! You hear (see?) that people? I want to see what YOU think! (That means comment! Comment! Comment!) Anyway, on to the post - Sorry, I have a hard time keeping track of what I am writing. :p

Yep, we have upgraded from the pink and blue hair extensions (remember when everyone thought that was SO cool?). The new hair trend is making peacocks and quails shiver in their feathers. Feather extensions. I don't know who really came up with this idea, but they have to be pretty proud of how their idea is taking the fashion/beauty world by storm. I mean, I would. Who would've thought that people would want to put feathers in their hair...when I first heard about this trend I was thinking that people were putting nasty duck feathers in their hair, but to my surprise, they were not.  Figures, I had no idea what I was thinking. Lol. ANYWAY - Here are a couple of my blogging friends opinions. 

"I LOVE feather hair extensions, even though I don't have any. I think that they add a touch of whimsy to your everyday hair. :) That being said, I also think that they're a little too popular for me, now. Haha! But if I were to get some, I'd stick with the natural colors. I think those can look really chic!"
- Gentri from Gentri Lee

"I am alllll in for feather hair extensions! I think they're so beautiful and add that extra "pop" to any outfit! I personally love the look of some of the ones with beads, they're so pretty and cute! Feather extensions all the way" 
- Lauren from The Perfect Pear

"YAY definitely! LOVE the idea! Defineitely would like to try themself :)"
- Holly from Miss Fashion Beauty

"I personally think that they are HOT. Totally cute, and I think that they will look even better in the upcoming fall season with the brown and green feathers. I would totally get some proffesionally done, but I don't have money...so that won't work. i do have a clip in pair, and they are totally cute. I think that anyone can work them, really. From blonde hair to black, from short hair to long. But I don't think that they would really work on a pixi-cut...maybe, I guess you never know. Lol. All in all, I believe that yes, this is a trend and they will be out of style in no time, but for now they are a fun and spunky way of making your hair look interesting! :)"
- Me. :)

So, what do you guys think? Super cute, or super wierd?

PS: Photos from wehearit.com


long awaited haul.

Hey guys! Here is a haul that I have been meaning to do for like two weeks and I just haven't gotten around to it, so here it is! It's not much, but it's what I've got. ;)

First off, I got a new pair of aviators, to add to my sunglasses collection.

Then I got this navy dress from H&M. I will most likely wear it with a cute cardi, alone I kinda look like a hoochie. ;)

This ca-uuuute brush. :)

The hair bands, they are legit plastic, I like them sooo much. They are different and they stay in my hair WAY better.

Dry shampoo because, well, every girl needs it.

My new Melie bag, the Ariana. :)

And lastly I got a couple of new OPI nail polish colors, I edited a photo, but accidentally deleted it. So, I just got these pictures off of google. 

And that's it! Short and sweet. :) What do you think of the new additions to my look? 



See this cutie-patootie? She is definitely the cutest baby EVER. So, if my loooovvvveeely followers could do me a favor, click on her picture and vote for her and much gratitude will be sent your way. Thanks so much for your help! She totally deserves this! :)


newspaper nails.

Hey guys! I know, so many posts coming at you all at once, but this is so great that I just couldn't wait to show you all! One of my lovely readers left a comment, which I am kinda sad that I can't credit them because they commented under "Anonymous", and told me about this wonderful nail idea! I tried it out the day after I found out. And, it is just soooo easy and quick to do, that you guys can do it at home! I hope you like this look just as much as I have! :) 

Take a look:

Please excuse the cut-off, I was going to go to soccer practice. :)

Now that I have shown you the pictures, here are the directions. :) 

What you need:
Light colored nail polish (I used OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape).
Clear top coat nail polish.
Ten strips of newspaper, big enough to cover your nail.
Rubbing Alcohol (or Vodka, whateva).

What you need to do:
First: Apply a light colored nail polish on all of your nails and let it completely dry.
Second: Dip your nails in the rubbing alcohol/vodka for 5 seconds. 
Third: Take a strip of newspaper and press it firmly on your nail for 30 seconds.
Fourth: Apply a top coat.

And there you go! That is all you have to do! Easy, right? 

Oh! And you see that little green and blue ball up in the right hand corner of my blog? Could you do me a favor? Click it, and like it. That's all. 15 seconds. 

Thanks! :)

hottie of the day.

Oh, Ashton. 

One of my favorite quotes from this hottie:

 I don't believe that old cliche that good things come to those who wait. I think good things come to those who want something so bad they can't sit still.


Photos from weheartit.com. Any hottie ideas? Lemme know down in the comments or email. :)


nail love.

Hey y'all! 

I am going to share with you guys a my new obsession. 
Crackle/Shatter/Whatevertheycallit nail polish.

Yes, yes, I know that all of you have probably already come across this lovely new nail polish invention, but now with OPI coming out with the new colors I am becoming obsessed. I have already been kind of addicted to nail polish ( I legit have never gone a day without my nails covered in like 2 years), but this brings it to an entirely different level. I love the fact that you can make so many different looks with this new Shatter sensation. You can go bright with white, or nude with black, orange and blue, whatever! Now I only have the black and white shatter because I really didn't feel like coughing out 8.50 for colors that would only go with other certain colors so I went with the ones that would go with everything. And I am now on the quest to get the sparkly silver shatter, but it seems like it is so high in demand that every time I go into Ulta to get it there is none in stock. Bummer, I know. 

But now that we are on the subject of nails, I want to tell you about another look that I absolutely love but I cannot come across the specific gold flake sparkle color. I have seen it once and it was at Sephora and I had no money so there was really no chance that I could get it, so maybe you guys can help a girl out? Here is the look that I am shooting for, and I already have various colors of nudes...I just need the gold sparkle color. 

AND - one more thing. Because when you have as much nail polish as me you kind of need it's own tray. You know, the kind of tray that they sell the nail polish on at stores. Would any of you know where to get that at? I would really appreciate your help. And if you guys have any AWESOME nail ideas I would love to hear about them. I always need inspiration for new looks and just awesomeness. You can even link a picture if you'd like! :) 

Thanks for all of your help and thanks for helping me hit 300 followers! I hope I can keep you all entertained. ;)


forest green look.

CAUTION: I am kind of silly, I hope you don't judge me. ;)

Hey, since the last make-up/eyeshadow tutorial was such a big hit, I figured that I would try it again. I thought of this again, after all of my makeup was done, so I just went through it while I had it one. (Sorry!) But here it is! I don't have very good lighting in my room so it might be hard to see at times, but I hope you can get the jist of what the look is. :)

Oh! And I didn't mean to put more sparkle on my eyes...that was an accident. ;)

First: PRIME.
Second: Cream eyeshadow on BROW BONE.
Third: Forest Green on outer V.
Fourth: Inside Outer V brown.
Fifth: BLEND.
Sixth: Shimmer it out (From tear duct to inner third of bottom lashes.
Seventh: Double Wing it.
Eighth: Masssscara.

Hope you enjoyed this! If you didn't, sorry, I'm new. ;)


erika and i had a date.

Hey guys! Let me show you what Erika and I did today.

First we went to the mall and I got a super cute dress, I'll show you guys in my next haul and then we went to a festival that wasn't really worth paying 4 dollars in parking. BUT after that my friend, Erika, and I went cupcaking and out for tea! Here are some pictures. :)

Yes, we went to get some yummmmmmy cupcakes, see more here.

Then we walked down the street to a wonderful coffee/tea place, Firehouse Cafe. (PS: If you are close to the FW area, check it out, they have awesome bubble tea and chai.)  And well, we had a photo shoot.

So there you have it, we had a pretty good day I would say, tell me about yours? :)




Now we all love winning things, don't we? Well I decided that I was going to do a little post about all of the things that I have won from giveaways!

First : Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow - I won it from Mal Pearsons 30 days of giving last november. When I got that email saying I won, I flipped my lid.

Second : My first Melie Bianco bag, the Morgan. I ended up trading this purse for an Edith because I liked that purse much better. This one just wasn't my style. 

Third : Fresh Wave from Mal Pearson. This is also ammmmmazzing (Notice the Extra m's and z's. that means it's legit.) It is perfect for my stinky soccer bag. 

Fourth: This Carly Melie Bianco bag. :) 

Fifth : MyCleanScene Cleanser. (AWESOME, you should probably get it.)
And my most recent win : Another Melie bag, it's absolutely lovely...the Ariana. :) I actually got to pick out the bag that I won and I totally went for this one, I love messenger bags and bright colors. Perfecto. :)

Now, what I would LOVE to know is what have you guys won from giveaways? Anything you absolutely LOVE and can't live without? Fun things? Share, please! :)