Bug, ♥

HA - I can't believe that I actually titled this post "Bug, ♥". CHEEEEESY. (To be honest I really only wanted to use the little '♥' thing.) Anyyyyway...

I just did a post about my best friend, so I figured I should do a post about one of the other people I surround myself with, my boyfriend, Bug. And no, his name is not actually 'Bug', that's just what I call him. It all started with my mom calling him Drew Bug, and I just kind of morphed it into my own. And  I also think he looks more like a Bug than a Drew anyway. Lol.

I'm writing this post because, well, I had an iced coffee at Burger King and I'm not tired. And Drew is watching "The Social Network" right beside me, all snuggled up in a blanket with the hood of his hoody up. Whata cutie pie. :) I've already seen the movie so I not really interested. Not that it wasn't a good movie, I just would rather be doing this than re-watching a movie. Haha.

But anyway, on to some pictures! I love pictures. :) They are so much more fun to look at on a blog than just words. So, here we go. :)

 Meet Bug, he has been my man for two years and some odd months.

 This winter we went ice skating, it was sooo fun! Even if we fell some, but hey, whatever. ;)
(Ignore his eyes...I think he was blinking when I took the picture, but this is the only one i have. Lol.)

Last year...or maybe two years ago...he decided to climb the school and somehow he ended up on the roof, he's like a monkey. Lol. 

Last year (his senior year) he was chosen to escort one of the girls at our school in a pageant, he looked very handsome, and the girl who was chosen from our school did a great job!

 We started dating when I was a Frosh and he was a Junior, I am now a Junior and he is graduated. We have definitely learned a lot about each other in these past years, I'm so excited to see what else we learn!

I put this on here because I though it captured our personalities, he is tired...and I am being silly. :p

 Sexy man. (He's going to killllll me. Hahah.)

His family and him went to Michigan this year to the sand dunes, he wrote this in the sand and sent it to me, I thought it was soooo cute. :)

Yea, yea...lovey-dovey lovey-dovey. But I need at least one post about my man. I mean I have to show the world how lucky I am to have such a sweet heart! Lol. :)



  1. well, you're right about the picture when im playing call of duty, i am going to kill you. gay. haha

  2. you guys are so cute together! <3


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