AHHHHH!! (: (: (:

Okay, okay. I have some BIG, BIG, BIG news.
Well, okay...it's not THAT big...but whatever. Haha.
Anyway I have been entering this 30 Day of Giving - giveaway. And I finally won! I entered every day...and I won! I'm soooooo happy. :) I've never won anything really before and I won! (:
As, you know...I am like...in love with this beauty-blogger/vlogger. She has awesome hair and make-up idea's and I just love them so much! (ItsJudyTime)

I won the Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper. It is an eyeshadow primer, one of the best actually, and I will definitely use it. It's like the perfect prize for me, because well...I wear eyeshadow EVERY day. :) So, I just thought I would share this exciting moment with you guys. :)

Happy Holidays! (:



Okay, Christmas time is here, time to give and get. And time to remember the great 'Jesus' (*Say it in a Spanish accent, it gets the point across wayyyyyyy better). And well, I JUST (like two minutes ago) ordered my Christmas gift!!!!!! (: I'm sooooo excited. It's a Flip camera, but it's the newest one. It is touch screen and has a screen to watch the video on it right then and there. :) My parents are getting it for me, for Christmas AND my birthday because of the hefty price. But I'm so excited. :) as you can see with all of the smileys I am inserting into this paragraph. So, since I am so excited. I am going to share with you alllllll of the reasons why I am excited for this Christmas season -- Gift wise at least. First off, I have gotten alllllllll of my gifts ready for everyone. This year I went ALL OUT. I got gifts for everyone. I mean, I got gifts for my itty-bitty cousins, my older cousins, aunts, uncles, grammas, grammpas, ma, pa, sisters, boyfriend, boyfriends family, best friend and my dog. Let me add that up real quick for all y'all.

   1 Ma
   1 Pa
   1 Stepma
   1 Steppa
   4 Sisters
   3 Cousins
   2 Aunts
   2 Gramma's
   1 Grammpa -- yes, I know I am spelling that wrong. But I spell it the way I say it, lol.
   1 (or 8) Boyfriend/s ;)
   1 Boyfriend Sister
   1 Dog
+ 1 Best Friend           
   20 GIFTS

Sure, most of them are home-made, I mean...I'm not made out of money, but I figure I did good this year. :) Now I would tell you what I got them all, but if they read this then it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it? :) I'm so excited to give them their gifts. :)
Also -- Every year I make cookies for all of my close friends so that could add on too. I just love making things to give to my friends. :) Yay! I'm sooooooo excited! (:

  OH! How could I tell you about my gift without giving you the specifics? How silly of me. 
First off, and this is my favorite part of it, part of the proceeds go to cancer research. I think that is great, and I think more companies should include products like this. That is what the S^2C means -- Stand Up To Cancer -- I couldn't really make an arrow though. Whoops. :) Also, this is the newest one, it is called a SlideHD because it has a slide/flip screen that is 3 inches to watch the videos you record on. It's touch screen, and it is totally portable. Oh the array of things I can do with this little gadget. :) Eventually I hope to start putting on video segments onto this blog. Maybe I can teach you guys some cute hair and make-up tips. :) But I have to wait for Christmas. :/ Oh well! I   CAN'T WAIT. :)

Mhmmmmmmmm. :)

Oh. My. Gosh.

--- Definitely making all of this when I get home.




yum, yum, yum.

Okay guys, I know you all got the winter blues. But here is something to cheer you up!

SNOW ICE CREAM. I saw this while I was surfing the internet yesterday, and well...I thought it was too good to be true. But it's not! It's absolutely delicious! And it's only THREE ingrediants. :)

First off you are going to need fresh snow. Stick a bowl outside and wait, or just grab some clean snow. Whateva. And remember the golden rule -- beware of yellow snow.

Take that snow, and add some sweetened condensed milk. How ever much you like. If you wan't it creamier, add more.

Next up is adding some flavor. Put in you're vanilla/vanilla extract, just a little.

And there you have it! Takes just like home-made. :) Happy Holidays!


10 Things to do for the Christmas Season. :)

1. Kiss under the mistletoe. Even if it's just your dog.

2. Make a New Year's resolution and KEEP it.

3. Watch the movie "A Christmas Story." Just trust me. Then buy this lamp.

4. Bake something gooey.

5. Donate to the Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, United Way, or the charity of your choice! They work so hard for your donations!

6. Go to church with your family, JESUS is the reason why we are celebrating. Celebrate him.

7. Don't freak out about holiday weight gain. Life is too short to fret all Christmas eve about the calories from your extra helping of eggnog. You'll lose it, no worries. :)

8. Make someone's gift. Get crafty and save money by knitting, designing, weaving, painting, or supergluing at least one present. I'm making most all of my Christmas presents. Bracelets!
9. Read a book for pleasure. Take advantage of having a breather from textbook-devouring and feast your brain on a light novel or your favorite literary classic. I always attempt to do this over Christmas break, but I always seem to fail. :/

10. Enjoy each day as much as possible. Most people have some sort of holidays-related anxieties, whether it's about being with family (or being lonely), money, stress or emotions. Instead of focusing on how much you hate the holidays, look for the special moments, like watching your baby cousin light up when they open a new toy. :)


Hey guys.

So, for Thanksgiving our school gave us a week break, well...two of those days were Parent-teacher Conference break, but a break nontheless. Anyway, I had a pretty eventful break, and it just shows me why I dislike going to school so much. Let me tell you what I did this break.

Monday: First day of break, what am I going to do? Hmmm? I WENT TO SCHOOL. ugh. Well, it wasn't my school, it was one close buy. A few of my friends and I had to go there for the WHOLE day. Yes, 8-3. :/ We had to talk about being in an organization and blah, blah, blah. Then right after that I had to go to practice. Needless to say, it wasn't a great way to start off my break.
Tuesday: Tuesday, I got to sleep in. :) Probably my most favorite thing about having breaks. Sleeping in is such a good treat. I love it. But once I got up I packed my stuff and went to stay with my aunt for the night. See, my grandma and my aunt live in the same house, so whenever I go up there I get to see them both. They are probably the most obnoxious people in the world, but I love them to death. That whole side of the family is so much fun. And they ALWAYS have yummy food. I also went shopping. I had a coupon for two FREE nail polishes, but they were out. :( But I still ended up getting "Spark-a-licious" by OPI. It's so pretty. Then I went to the mall and got some jeggings and a scarf from forever twenty-one. (: Then off to watch glee and go to bed.
Wednesday: Wednesday I woke up at my aunts with a stiff neck. :/ Blech. I woke up and went for breakfast. I got a delicious four-chees souffle and a white mocha. Mmmm. the best breakfast I have had in a while. I chilled there, got all cute and waited for my friends to come pick me up so I could go shopping. We went shopping, but i didn't get anything. I'm saving stuff for Christmas. ;) THEN-- WE WENT TO A HOCKEY GAME. I was a hockey virgin. This was my first game and we went to watch a friend of mine. It was sooooooo fun! (:
Thursday: THANKSGIVING. I went to my grandmas, ate. chilled. The usual. Then I went to my boyfriends. Chilled. -- Good day. :)
Friday: I forget. :/
Saturday: My man's thanksgiving. GREAT food. :)
Sunday: My aunts thanksgiving. I got to see a babbbbbby. :) she's soooooooo cute. :)

-- I know you don't care much about my life. But I thought i'd inform you. :)


Let me google that for you...

Ha, this is a really cool site that I happened to find. It's called "Let Me Google that for You".

Say you and a friend are talking.

Friend: Hey.
You: Yo.
Friend: I'm thinking about getting my hair cut.
You: Awesome. Where are you going?
Friend: I think i'm going to Total Reflections, do you know if it's open?
You: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=When+is+total+reflections+open%3F

-- Hahaha, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it.


Winter Time is Here.

 Okay, so I wouldn't say winter is my favorite season of the year, in fact it is probably one of my least favorites. But there are some good things about it too. First off what I personally HATE about winter is...

1. IT'S FREEZING. -- I personally HATE cold weather. For the most part because inside my house it is ALWAYS freezing. Especially in my room because it is at the end of the house and I get all of the wind. I seriously sleep with four extra blankets. So, 4 extra+sheet+cover= 6. THAT is how cold I am. Hahah.

2. It's slushy, muddy, and overall nasty. You all know it is true. You want to think of winter as snow filled and white as white can be, but honestly that is not how the majority of winter looks like.

3. Driving! Ugh, I am sooooo scared to drive this winter. I usually have a tendency to go above the speed limit to make it to school on time, well...in winter I will not be able to do that.

4. IT'S ALWAYS DARK. :/ This is probably my least favorite thing about winter. It is ALWAYS dark. The sun rises at six, sets at five/six. I love the sun and the darkness just crams my style.

5. Loss of mittens and/or hats and scarves. You know it happens. Every year.

6. Going shopping! It is ALWAYS soooooo packed due to the holidays. I hate shopping in a mall where there is a ton of people.

7. Creepy Santa's and Elves. You have all seen some. I don't know how parents allow their kids to sit on the laps of these guys. :/ blech.

Now, I am not going to just be a debby downer. There are also some things that I absolutely love about winter.

1. The holidays, obviously. Who doesn't enjoy Christmas and Thanksgiving? No one.

2. Scarves! I love scarves and hats and all of that! (: Too bad I lose them all...

3. You don't have to worry about staying in shape, you aren't showing half as much skin as you did in the warmer seasons. That's always a good thing. Or bad, however you look at it. Haha.

4. The FOOD. Oh my gosh. This is my all time favorite part about winter. I mean, you start off with  the Thanksgiving turkey, and say good bye to dieting after that. Mhmm...

5. HOT CHOCOLATE! -- Self-explanatory.

6. PUMPKIN SPICE! -- My absolute favorite cappuccino in the world. Yum.

7. A white Christmas. :) When it actually does snow and stick. That is a wonderful thing and a beautiful thing. The sun gleaming off of fresh fallen snow is awesome. Not to mention I love making snowmen.

8. Cuddling. I mean, I cuddle with my man all the time. But winter brings out the cuddle MONSTER in me. The feeling of being warm and cozy with someone you love is AWE-to the-SOME. :)

9. Family. Being surrounded by everyone you are close to. It's amazing how the holiday season brings out the love in everyone. :)


--- So, after listing all of these, I can see that I might actually like winter than I thought I did. Huh, who would've thought? :p



For all of you that are participating in "No-shave November" and/or Club Trills "Movember", here is something to think about.


                                                     :}) --- he has a mustache. :)


So, once I saw this...my heart exploaded. :) I think that this is the cutest thing, ever. lol

Oh no, there's 'bout to be a fight.
Maybe not..

They're playing!

Turns out, he just wanted a hug. :)

Cutest. Thing. Ever.


Is There a Mini Jersey Shore?!?


I was looking on Xanga and I came across this.

See my boyfriend is addicted to Jersey Shore, so occasionally I am forced agains my will to watch it. (I am such a good girlfriend) Anyway, this is totally captures the Jersey Shore cast! I love it!



 Hey guys! (:

Here's my besssssssst fran! (: We are so cute. :)
It was Gender-Bender Day, as you can see the boys really got into it.

These are my soccer girls. We had such a fun season! (:

Before the Homecoming game!


This is us before homecoming. We all looked so nice. :)
I've just got around to uploading some pictures from homecoming. I thought I would share them. As you can see. (:


What do Ghosts and Goblins drink on Halloween? Ghoul-aid! :p

Hey guys. :)

Again with Halloween things, this is the make-up I'm wearing today. I'm going to chaperon trick and treat. It should be pretty fun! (:

Here's my make-up for today. I finally got my palette so I decided to go with a color that I rarely ever use. ORANGE! (Perfect for Halloween)
Here's how I did it:
First, I put a shimmery orange above my lid but under my brow bone.
Second, I started on my lid color. I put a dark shimmer brown on the whole lid.
Third, still, on the lid I put a sparkly gold on the inner half of my lid.
Fourth, on my bottom lash line I put a deep blue on the inside half of the lash line.
Fifth, I put a dark purple on the other half.
Sixth, I finished the eyeshadow off with a light shimmer/sparkle color that was kind of nude? I'm not really sure what color it was. Lol.
Seventh, I then went on the the eyeliner. I lined the bottom lash line lightly (the eyeshadow down there is already pretty dramatic) with brown.
Eighth, on the top lash line I used black liquid eyeliner (i use wet-n-wild, i find it to be the best and easiest to use) and put a double cat eye.
And to finish it off I used black mascara.
I got this idea from itsjudytime, but in the process i made it my own.  


 Called Gargantuan Green Grape. I LOVE it. :)

Happy Halloween! :)


Happy Halloweeeeeen! (:

 I photoshopped a picture of my cousin and I , and yes. It was my Facebook profile picture.

 This is my pup. He's a hippie for Halloween. :)

Hi! (:

This week is HALLOWEEN! My absolute FAVORITE holiday. Yea, I know, I know...kind of a silly holiday to be your favotire, right? But it is. I have loved it ever since I was a little girl trick or treating at my grandma's. Well, ever since then I have had this love for Halloween and the whole season in general.I mean, I have the witch earings, I do my nails. It. Is. Awesome. The apple cider, the pumpkins, the falling leaves, the warm colors, sweatshirts, leggings, the whole thing! My absolute favorite though is the pumpkin spice cappicino. Mmmm, if you haven't had it before you HAVE to try it.

But any way, I found out what I was going to dress up as. Audrey Hepburn off of Breakfast at Tiffanys.

I won't really look like her other than the clothes, hair, and make-up though. I am not nearly as thin as she was. Nor would I want to be. Lol. But I plan on wearing a little black dress with heels. I also have a vintage clutch with a mink scarf. So I am set on the out fit.

The make-up will be reletivly easy as well, just natural make-up with a dramatic cat-eye will do.

Now, the hair. THAT is my problem. I'm not sure how to accomplish this high up-do with the type of hair that I have.

See, I have layered hair about to the middle of my shoulder. And I don't have bangs. So this will be the hardest part of the whole outfit. So, we will see how that goes.
I'm sure I will look hot no matter what though. ;)

If not, I could always go as a ghost. ;)

Happy Halloween! (:


So, hi.

This week is awesome because I GOT NEW MAKE-UP

You are probably wondering, "Hm, Rachael...why are you so excited? And what kind of make-up is it exactly?"

Well, I was on my friend Judy's blog. She is my idol and I check her blog almost everyday. Yes, I don't know her, but I feel like I do. I seriously LOVE all of her ideas for hair and make-up. She is my go-to girl. I advise you to check her out.

The make-up is from BH cosmetics. I have heard a lot about them, when I was looking for some MAC make-up. But I decided to get this because you get so many colors for cheap. I figured that I am young and I have my whole life to spend on MAC make-up. ;) Anyway, I ordered the 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette.

I am definatly a fan of sparkle and shimmer eyeshadows. And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVVVVVE all of the colors! I am definatly going to have a hayday with this. And from all of the reviews that I have seen, this is quality make-up for cheap. I ordered it for $19.95, plus $7.50 shipping, making it a whopping $27.25. That's practically 25 cents for each color! A great deal.

So, as you can see, this is why I am having a great week. :) Can't Wait! (:


long time, no see. :)

So, I just read my whole list of 'blogs'. And what was going through my head was, wow. I was SO immature. Ha, in the first post I was like...period crazy. I'm sure I will end up reading this in a couple of years too and say that I was so immature. But, whatever. It happens. :)

Anyway, as you can see, I have been slacking. But I doubt that really matters because no one ever reads this. I haven't quite decided if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Lol. There are a few people that I know have 'Blogger' but, I am not sure if I want to add them as friends or not. I mean, I know that no one is interested in my life anyway. So, this blog is pretty much just for me.

Let me catch myself up. I just finished my sophomore year. I guess you can say it was a good year. Or adequate(?). Well, nothing that interesting happened. I'll try to go through it as simply as I can.
-Soccer was good, didn't have a great record but...it was super fun. :)
-Drew, my man, got the first touchdown (and not to mention the second)of the year. So that was exciting. I remember that night just like it was yesterday too, he was so happy.
-Uh, I didn't do ANYTHING during the winter.
-My cousin (16) got pregnant. She just had her baby yesterday, she is really cute. I hope everything works out for them though. It'll be hard. They are always in my prayers.
-There was a 'drug bust' at our school. If that's what you call it. Like 8 people got in trouble. People made such a big deal of it. I mean, I guess that's what happens in a small town. I thought it was kind of funny, even though some of the people who got caught were my friend. Oh well, you get what you deserve.
-I went to prom, again.
-My boyfriend graduated. It is bittersweet I guess. I'll miss looking forward to seeing him at school. But, he is enjoying the freedom.
-Uhm, I can't really think of anything else. HA, talk about boring.

Okay, now we are in the present. It is summer and so far all summer I have been hangin' out with my best friend. And on the weekends with Drew. He has school in the summer. So, I don't get to see him as often. But I think it is making our relationship stronger.
Speaking of Drew-- He was the guy in one of the first few posts that I talked about. We have been together for about two years now. He's a great guy and I truly believe we will last... I mean, I know it will be hard and... I know I am still young and I still need to mature and everything. But, I can't see myself with any other guy. I hope it does. He is perfect for me in every way. Okay, okay. I'm not going to get all mushy. Haha. I will go on.
So far my adventures with Erika have been pretty different. From catching catfish to spontaneous trips to Columbus. I love this girl. Ha. Well, other than that nothing that interesting has happened. I am hoping I can remember to do this thing....okay. Well, 'till next time! (: