Hey guys.

So, for Thanksgiving our school gave us a week break, well...two of those days were Parent-teacher Conference break, but a break nontheless. Anyway, I had a pretty eventful break, and it just shows me why I dislike going to school so much. Let me tell you what I did this break.

Monday: First day of break, what am I going to do? Hmmm? I WENT TO SCHOOL. ugh. Well, it wasn't my school, it was one close buy. A few of my friends and I had to go there for the WHOLE day. Yes, 8-3. :/ We had to talk about being in an organization and blah, blah, blah. Then right after that I had to go to practice. Needless to say, it wasn't a great way to start off my break.
Tuesday: Tuesday, I got to sleep in. :) Probably my most favorite thing about having breaks. Sleeping in is such a good treat. I love it. But once I got up I packed my stuff and went to stay with my aunt for the night. See, my grandma and my aunt live in the same house, so whenever I go up there I get to see them both. They are probably the most obnoxious people in the world, but I love them to death. That whole side of the family is so much fun. And they ALWAYS have yummy food. I also went shopping. I had a coupon for two FREE nail polishes, but they were out. :( But I still ended up getting "Spark-a-licious" by OPI. It's so pretty. Then I went to the mall and got some jeggings and a scarf from forever twenty-one. (: Then off to watch glee and go to bed.
Wednesday: Wednesday I woke up at my aunts with a stiff neck. :/ Blech. I woke up and went for breakfast. I got a delicious four-chees souffle and a white mocha. Mmmm. the best breakfast I have had in a while. I chilled there, got all cute and waited for my friends to come pick me up so I could go shopping. We went shopping, but i didn't get anything. I'm saving stuff for Christmas. ;) THEN-- WE WENT TO A HOCKEY GAME. I was a hockey virgin. This was my first game and we went to watch a friend of mine. It was sooooooo fun! (:
Thursday: THANKSGIVING. I went to my grandmas, ate. chilled. The usual. Then I went to my boyfriends. Chilled. -- Good day. :)
Friday: I forget. :/
Saturday: My man's thanksgiving. GREAT food. :)
Sunday: My aunts thanksgiving. I got to see a babbbbbby. :) she's soooooooo cute. :)

-- I know you don't care much about my life. But I thought i'd inform you. :)

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  1. I care, Rachael!! lol and i know you care, that i care, because i was the awesome friend that took you shopping and went to the hockey game with you...welll noah and shelby went, too..but..they don't count! :)


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