10 Things to do for the Christmas Season. :)

1. Kiss under the mistletoe. Even if it's just your dog.

2. Make a New Year's resolution and KEEP it.

3. Watch the movie "A Christmas Story." Just trust me. Then buy this lamp.

4. Bake something gooey.

5. Donate to the Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, United Way, or the charity of your choice! They work so hard for your donations!

6. Go to church with your family, JESUS is the reason why we are celebrating. Celebrate him.

7. Don't freak out about holiday weight gain. Life is too short to fret all Christmas eve about the calories from your extra helping of eggnog. You'll lose it, no worries. :)

8. Make someone's gift. Get crafty and save money by knitting, designing, weaving, painting, or supergluing at least one present. I'm making most all of my Christmas presents. Bracelets!
9. Read a book for pleasure. Take advantage of having a breather from textbook-devouring and feast your brain on a light novel or your favorite literary classic. I always attempt to do this over Christmas break, but I always seem to fail. :/

10. Enjoy each day as much as possible. Most people have some sort of holidays-related anxieties, whether it's about being with family (or being lonely), money, stress or emotions. Instead of focusing on how much you hate the holidays, look for the special moments, like watching your baby cousin light up when they open a new toy. :)


  1. Great list & reminders~ Jesus birth must be on the priority indeed~

    peace & joy*


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