taking a vacation.

Hey guys! Just a heads up, no new posts for the upcoming two weeks. I'll be a busy bee, going on vacation and to the lake for the fourth. So if you get bored and feel like reading anything you can look here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, herehere....oh! And here.

Have a great Independence day!


short people and maxi dresses.

I am going to talk about a major debate in the land of fashion. Are you ready for this.

Maxi dresses and short people.

Are maxi dresses really the right fit for little girls? Or do they look like they are getting consumed by fabric when the wear them?

Well I asked a couple of my sponsors and followers if they thought that they looked good or not. Here is what they said.

"If you're petite, wear it. Rock it. Half the point of fashion is loving what you're wearing and being confident, if you're confident that you look good, you WILL look good. (This also applies for wearing Barney t-shirts. I'm serious, it's confidence that matters). I think the secret is to have a more fitting maxi dress, perhaps with gathers around the waist or below the bust line to give you some shape so you don't look like you're drowning in fabric. Or, belt it! Most importantly, find a style of maxi dress that you love, that fits YOU, and rock it."
- Elise from Elise's Pieces.

"I believe fashion is what you make it, we can all wear what whatever
we want to and feel comfortable in. Dress your shape of your body
correctly, and even then I say wear what you think makes you feel

- Ashley from Divorced and 20

"I think that the right style and pattern almost anyone could pull it off. Correct me if I'm wrong but there are a few lengths to them some go to the floor and some stay slightly above your ankles? I haven't tried wearing them, but I've seen some and I think they look quite good. Summer dresses are becoming so much more appealing to me, since I rarely wear them, but I have yet to purchase one because nothing seems to look right on me :p So yes, I think they are nice, even on shorter people, that is if its not trailing behind them."
- Ann from One in a Million

Do you agree with them?

I personally think that short girls (like myself) can pull of a maxi dress. Heck, I think that really anyone can. That is the beauty of a maxi dress. If you get one that has an empire waste then it instantly slims you and it looks good on virtually anyone. Just make sure to get the right size. So don't be afraid, my fellow shorties! Go out and work it in a maxi dress. I mean, look at Eva. She's workin' it. ;)

We all know that you are hot anyway. ;)

PS: Make sure to check out these girl's blogs! They are interesting and just fun to read! and thanks to all that participated! :)

small haul.

Hey guys! I just got back from shopping so I decided to show ya'll what I ended up getting. I recently lost weight so I had to go and get new shorts that actually fit me, but you know when you go to F21 you can't just get shorts! You need to get some shirts too, right. ;)

But first off, I have gotten my purse! You know the one I'm talking about. This one. I ordered it from baghaus.com since it was discontinued at Melie Bianco, but I told you I was going to get it, and I did. :) And I love it.

Now this is another Melie Bianco purse. This is called the Edith and they actually still have this one in stock. I think that it is super cute too! I really like the orange, as well as the white. :)

 On to F21. Here are some shorts. These babies were 20 bucks and the jean shorts 15. I'd say I came out pretty accomplished. :)

And the shirts. No, I am not one of those conceited girls that take pictures of themselves in the mirror all the time, but I didn't have anyone to take my picture so I had to resort to the classic "toilet in the mirror" picture. Please forgive me.

 This sweater (which I LOVE) was only 4.50. Don't you just love clearance racks?

And this plain gray tee was just 4.50 too. Everyone needs a good plain tee, you know? :)

Well, there is my haul. What do you think of the new additions to my wardrobe? :)


cupcakes and a new layout.

Hey guys! Like the new layout? I worked hard on it, so I hope it was worth it. A lot of time spent here on the computer to make my blog look super cute. :)
Let me know what you think.

Oh, yea, another thing.


These cupcake's are awesome, so if you are in FW anytime soon check out Yum•Mee's and Vanilla Bean. You won't regret it.


toxic make-up.

Virtually everyone that I know has used make-up at least once in their lives, at least the girls have. And it got me thinking. With how much society uses make-up and how much I actually use it, I have really never read the ingredients on the back of my foundation, eyeshadow, or mascara. I have listened to a couple of podcasts that have talked about all of the different things that companies put into their make-up, like different bugs and types of rocks. But what about chemically? What is the actually chemical composition that makes our faces look better than before? And what should we avoid to make sure that we stay as youthful looking and young as possible. I did some research. Here is what I found.

 There are 12 big chemicals used in personal beauty products that are harmful to us such as carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptor's. Yes, hormone disruptor's. You think you are looking more girly when applying that foundation...but in reality you could be end up looking like a man. (Okay, I am over exaggerating a little bit.) But seriously, these chemicals are not things that you should be putting on your face and we all, including me, have made that mistake for the sake of beauty.

Here are the dirty dozen.

1. BHA & BHT - These are mostly found in lipsticks and moisturizers. Long-term exposure to high doses of BHT is toxic in mice and rats, causing liver, thyroid and kidney problems and affecting lung function and blood coagulation. Fun. Can't wait to put some of my red lipstick on.

2.  Coal Tar Dyes - These are labeled on products with a "Cl" followed by a 5 digit number. This is usually found in darker colored hair dyes. It's derived from petroleum and is recognized as a human carcinogen and a potential to cause cancer. So, my dark-haired sisters. Make sure you check the label before touching up your hair color.

3. DEA-Related Ingredients - Found in moisturizers and sunscreens. In laboratory experiments, exposure to high doses of these chemicals has been shown to cause liver cancers and precancerous changes in skin and thyroid. So, use in moderation.

4.  Dibutyl Phthalate - This is found in a lot of nail products. DBP is absorbed through the skin and it can enhance the capacity of other chemicals to cause genetic mutations. Not fun, not fun at all. Definitely checking all of my nail polishes.

5. Parabens - These are used in a lot of things. But mostly in fragrances. And good luck trying to find this on the label. The companies do not have to list the chemicals of the fragrances. These babies can cause can mimic estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. They have been detected in human breast cancer tissues, suggesting a possible association between parabens in cosmetics and cancer. Did I mention that it is estimated that 75-90% of cosmetics contain parabens.

6. Formaldehyde-Releasing Preservatives - Used in a bunch of different cosmetics. It slowly releases small amounts of formaldehyde, which causes cancer. Yay.

7. Parfum - Found in, you guessed it, perfume (and other fragrances). Not only does this lovely chemical trigger allergies and asthma, but also could potentially lead to cancer or  neurotoxicity. Not fun, my friends, not fun.

8. PEG Compounds - Used in cosmetic creams, and again, could potentially lead to cancer.

9. Petrolatum -  Found in hair products for shine and as a moisture barrier in some lip balms, lip sticks and moisturizers. A petroleum product that can be contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which may cause more cancer.

10. Siloxanes - Used in cosmetics to "smooth". These have been a suspected endocrine disruptor and reproductive toxicant. Not to mention, harms wild-life.

11. Sodium Laureth Sulfate - Found in shampoos and body wash like products. These can lead to cancer as well.

12. Triclosan -  This is used in antibacterial cosmetics, such as toothpastes and deodorants.

And they may contribute to antibiotic resistance. That means that the bacteria will LOVE you.

-- Now, this is all "worst-case-scenario". But it is something to think about when you go out and by your cosmetics. I went through my make-up and most all of my products had at least one of these in them. So, think before you shop, my friends.

Info from: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/issues/health/science/toxics/dirty-dozen-cosmetic-chemicals/index.php 


baby time.

Okay, this was so cute I decided that it needed it's own post. This is baby showing her love for my dog, Chester. Enjoy.


long time, no blog.

Hey, hey, heyyy.

It's me again! I apologize for the lack of blog posts from me recently. The lazy bug has bitten me. :/

BUT - I am back and planning on getting back to blogging regularly. :) And I don't know if you guys have noticed but... 2 'till 200 followers! Thank you guys so much! It just makes my day to know that I have people interested in what I write. :) I would totally do a giveaway or something but...I'm not entirely sure how to send out things. I'll figure that out sometime soon hopefully. I need to show the love, right?

But anyway, onto the post. Here is what I have been doing the past couple of days. And beware, this post is going to be verrry picture heavy.  :)

Today we went to Michocana's. It is a place where they sell Mexican palletas. Which are kind of like obscure popsicle ice cream treats. :)

They had every flavor from chocolate to mango and hot pepper. AND - they are all wonderful.

Mo here ended up getting the pineapple. Now, this actually had fresh pineapple chunks in them. Awesome? Yes.

Kyle here just got lame 'ol lime. But it is his favorite, he gets it every time, so it must be pretty good. :)

Here is mine, I had pistachio raisin. It. Was. Awesome. It fell off it's stick, though. :/

They have a bunch of different flavors of ice cream too! :)

And here is what my cousin and I ended up making. Homemade cinnamon sugar pretzels. :)



PS: I plan on writing another snarky fashion/make-up post soon as well, if you are into that kind of thing. But to keep you occupied until that happens, this'll scratch that itch for ya. ;) Look here, here, or here. :)


writers block.

You know what that means...yep, you guessed it. Picture time. The theme of this picture post.


All of these pictures came from weheartit.com - if you want more smiles just type "smile" in the search box and off you go. :)


hottie of the day.

Paul Walker.
Eye candy? I think so. Enjoy. :)

Put you in the mood to watch Fast and Furious? ;)