short people and maxi dresses.

I am going to talk about a major debate in the land of fashion. Are you ready for this.

Maxi dresses and short people.

Are maxi dresses really the right fit for little girls? Or do they look like they are getting consumed by fabric when the wear them?

Well I asked a couple of my sponsors and followers if they thought that they looked good or not. Here is what they said.

"If you're petite, wear it. Rock it. Half the point of fashion is loving what you're wearing and being confident, if you're confident that you look good, you WILL look good. (This also applies for wearing Barney t-shirts. I'm serious, it's confidence that matters). I think the secret is to have a more fitting maxi dress, perhaps with gathers around the waist or below the bust line to give you some shape so you don't look like you're drowning in fabric. Or, belt it! Most importantly, find a style of maxi dress that you love, that fits YOU, and rock it."
- Elise from Elise's Pieces.

"I believe fashion is what you make it, we can all wear what whatever
we want to and feel comfortable in. Dress your shape of your body
correctly, and even then I say wear what you think makes you feel

- Ashley from Divorced and 20

"I think that the right style and pattern almost anyone could pull it off. Correct me if I'm wrong but there are a few lengths to them some go to the floor and some stay slightly above your ankles? I haven't tried wearing them, but I've seen some and I think they look quite good. Summer dresses are becoming so much more appealing to me, since I rarely wear them, but I have yet to purchase one because nothing seems to look right on me :p So yes, I think they are nice, even on shorter people, that is if its not trailing behind them."
- Ann from One in a Million

Do you agree with them?

I personally think that short girls (like myself) can pull of a maxi dress. Heck, I think that really anyone can. That is the beauty of a maxi dress. If you get one that has an empire waste then it instantly slims you and it looks good on virtually anyone. Just make sure to get the right size. So don't be afraid, my fellow shorties! Go out and work it in a maxi dress. I mean, look at Eva. She's workin' it. ;)

We all know that you are hot anyway. ;)

PS: Make sure to check out these girl's blogs! They are interesting and just fun to read! and thanks to all that participated! :)


  1. when i see other people wearing maxi dresses i think they look cute. however, being 5.1, i don't like the way i look when i wear skirt or dresses that are too long. i think i look better in a shorter skirt or dress. but, maybe that's just me.

  2. i only have one maxi dress that my mom got for me.. i'd send u a pic but i dont know where it is lol

    i think it would look good as long as u have confidence and you are comfortable in it

  3. ABSOLUTELY! I am 4'8" (yup) and maxi dresses are my favorite! Love them and i actually think they help lengthen me. When worn correctly and with confidence- anyone can make anything (that's actually publicly acceptable) look awesome. :)

  4. I think it depends on the person's attitude and the shape/pattern of the dress.
    I'm 5'5 and think maxi dresses would look horrible on me. My best friend is 5'2 and pulls them off sooo well!



  5. I'm 5'4 so neither tiny nor tall really (more on the short side anyway). I have an H&M maxi and it fits perfectly, I think it's about how long the dress itself is... if you're tripping over it it's clearly going to look stupid!

  6. I definitely think shorter women can wear maxidresses. It's just all about the proportions. Hardly anyone looks good wearing a giant tent!

  7. I totally think you can. I think the main thing is your confidence about it but really I don't think you have too be a certain height to wear one!

  8. i really love maxi dresses and i think i could suit everbody. it's no matter how tall you are... it's the matter how you combine it and how you wear it (confidence). I really think short people can wear it with a belt. it looks really cute and the dress is not too long so it goes on the floor!


  9. i'm short too and i've really been wanting to try maxi dresses but i'd have to find the right length because some are way to long it doesn't look right, definitely need to find one though, great post!


  10. oh lovely blog! :) you have nice pictures and you're pretty too!

    if you want you can check out mine :D

  11. im short with a maxi dress: here's the picture of what I wore today :)

  12. i LOVE the opinions girls. thanks so much! and @arianne - just goes to show, short girls can enjoy the maxi fun too! :)

  13. I love them.....

    I'm just following you....Follow me too...

  14. Haha great post.
    I'm 5 1" and i stay away from maxi dresses, especially when i walk past them in the store and the whole dress is taller than i am!

  15. great post - i think if you like it, don't be afraid to wear it! just be confident and rock it!

  16. Costumes are looking really so nice. Cool!


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