influenster open box review - two.

Hey guys! If you haven't checked out or joined Influenster since the last time I posted this, stop reading and sign up now. 

Then come back.

K? K. 

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, we can get started. 

I recieved the Summer Beauty VoxBox just about a month ago and I have been trying out the products so I can give a good honest review of them. 

But here is the video of what I have gotten. 

Now onto what I think after using these products. 
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration - This is another product I love, I use sunscreen a ton and this one not only smells amazing but it moisturizes and protects me from the sun! What can be better?!
Sally Hansen Hand Creme - This stuff you rub all over your hands to make them soft. It smells like a citrus-y wonderland.
Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy - I loved these. I could seriously feel my hair get stronger, I used it for about 2 weeks and my hair felt so healthy! Definitely going to try to find this at Wal Mart. Too bad I left it in Columbus... 
Quaker Soft Baked Bar - I had this for breakfast, it was yummy. It tasted like Banana Nut Bread. A in my book.
Sally Hanson Magnetic Nail Polish - This is definitely a super cool product, but not the product for me. I'm not a big fan of the way it looks, I'll probably wear it once in awhile, but I'll stick with my sparkles. 
Feminine Package - Um, I feel like it is a little weird to elaborate on this one. I'll just say, it gets the job done, girls. 
So there we have it! If you haven't signed up get to it! I mean you get products for FREE, why wouldn't you? 


saturday secrets.

I know it's not Saturday, but, I have no internet on Saturday. 

This is what you get. A Friday Saturday Secrets. 


Let it all out. 
No one will judge you. Go for it.

If you need any advice, I am willing to listen and advice, email me at rachg.423@gmail.com.

Here's the rules: 

1. This is open to anyone who wants to participate, from regular follower to casual visitor. 

2. Post a secret anonymously, no names please. 

3. I will not censor anything - so feel free to say whatever you need to. I will delete the comment if it is harmful to someone else's feelings though.

4. I do this for you guys - so you can get some weight off of your shoulders. It's for you and if you are not comfortable with sharing, that is entirely okay.  

5. And not only am I writing this post, but I am going to participate as well. One of the comments will be mine. 



awesome things in this post.

Woahhhhhh. It almost August. 

Is it just me or is this summer flying by?! 

But anywho, I am here to tell you about all that sponsorship fun. :)

Sponsoring a blog is a great way to increase your readership and to get your name/blog/shop out there! 


I am here to help you. 

Here is some more info: 

All you have to do is email me at rachg.423@gmail.com and name the email SPONSORSHIP telling me what size you would like and what you would like to be interested in doing. :)

Here are what some of my past Sponsors have had to say.

"Sponsoring So, Hi is always such a pleasure! Rach is super sweet to work with and makes being a part of her blog really awesome! I seriously encourage you to sponsor her blog, its so worth it!"
- Lauren

"Loved my sponsorship with "So, hi'!
It was a pleasure to work with Rach, more so since she was so understanding and generous!
Lovely blog and lovely readers, overall an amazing experience :)"
- Janet

So, Hi has been awarded many blogging awards as well as posted on very popular and up in coming blogs as well. Including on Minnetonka's blog. 

XL - $25
 Option for giveaway. Option for guest post.

 L - $20
 Option for group giveaway.

 M - $15
Option for group giveaway.

SM - $10

All sponsors will receive random "shout outs" via various social networking sites. 

Al la carte
Guest post - $10 (You pick when you would like the post to be up.)
Giveaway - $5 (Again, you pick when and how long you would like the giveaway to run.) 

ANOTHER THING - If you are a company that would like to have their products advertised on this blog, send me an email and we can talk through it, if the products of the company deal with what I am interested in then I am sure I would love to work with you. Your logo will be featured on the right hand sidebar of my blog and I will link the logo to your site, we can talk about how long you would like it up there and all of the rest of the details through the email. Just make sure to title the email "FUTURE SPONSOR". Hope to work with you all soon! :)

PS: All payments are done through Paypal

PPS: Make sure to follow me on Twitttta, I giveaway a free sponsor spot every month through there! :)



got some new hair.


You remember this post a lonnnnng time ago? 

Yea, well, I couldn't stop myself from thinking of getting myself an ombré, so randomly I got up the nerve to try it out on my virgin hair.

And guess what.


If you follow me on Twitter you'd already know that, but for realz guys. I love my hair. 

What do you think? 

PS: Check out my new post on my new blog. :)



firmoo shades.

 Okay, you guys know how much I LOVE sunglasses, right? Well there is this website that has amazing sunglasses and eyewear. Here is what I ended up getting, and I love it! So chic.

Let me elaborate more on Firmoo.

Firmoo, the most popular online optical store, provides a large quantity of high-quality and fashionableeyewear at the most affordable prices. With years of experience, Firmoo has gained a solid reputation and trust within 470,000 fans on Facebook

Firmoo has also launched a Free for New Buyer program for the first-time buyers. The goal of this program is to make new buyers to experience Firmoo’s quality products and good service as well as to help the people with low income to correct their vision problems.

Plus, it’s easy to order and the delivery is pretty fast! Want to have a try? Just go to http://www.firmoo.com/free-glasses.html and get your FREE eyewear!  

Hope you enjoy Firmoo just as much as I have. :)



meet kristie!

Here we have a lovely sponsor of mine. Her name is Kristie and she is so cool. I read her blog every so often and watch her videos and she is such an honest and wonderful person! Not to mention very entertaining! Here's some more about her, make sure to check her blog out, I'm sure you will all fall in love.


Hey everyone, I'm Kristie from Kristie Was Here.

I blog about life--all of it--the funny, tragic, hilarious, and mundane.

I have a job, a bucket list, and a knack for being socially awkward without trying.
It's a super power, really.

Want it?

If you really knew me, you’d know that I...

Surround myself with music--home, car, work, gym, plane, bed.

Am a runner, and I'm not fast. It's fine if you are. I don't want to race you because I hate losing.

Can't spell well, and I suck at Scrabble.

Love food. I eat it unashamedly, which is also why I run.

Live to travel. I find a sense of accomplishment in packing light and landing some place new.

Do not mind having my picture taken--ever--unless it's past 10pm. After 10pm, nothing photographed should go on Facebook.

Have a phone voice. It's about 2 octaves higher than my normal voice.

Am an introvert who is incredibly social.

Sarcastic and sensitive. I find this to be a weird combination. Somehow I still have friends.

Am a fast driver, walker, eater, and shower taker.

Make videos when I'm in a bad mood and need to feel better.

I told you she was awesome! So get to it! Check her out (her blog) RIGHT NOW.
Interested in sponsoring? See here.


caterpillar eyebrows.

What an odd name for a post, right? 

But lately I have been noticing something that has really been bothering me. 

The caterpillar eyebrow style.

Now, I know that some of my readers might have these creepy crawlers on their face, but I am here to save you.

Here is how you are supposed to shape your eyebrows, thank you Lauren.

So, please, stop with the caterpillar eyebrows. Please.



hair pastels.

Recently my sister and I had some fun with some art supplies out in the summer sun. 

We used some color pastels from the local art store and we added some spunk to our hair! 

If you guys haven't tried this out, go get yourself a $2 color pastel and try it! 

It is a temporary way to add some flava to your style. 

Here's what you have to do.
First, pick a SOFT color pastel in a color of your choice at the local art supply store. 
Second, if you have dark hair, wet your hair first. If you are blonde, no need to!
Third, twist the section that you are wanting to color, take the pastel and rub it all over the hair.

and WA-LAH! Colorful, fun hair. :)




1 - Here is a picture of my new Minnetonka's! Love the color! 
2 - Lately I have been addicted to the new McCafé chocolate chip frappé's! So good!
3 - A prom picture with my BFF.
4 - The boys found some funky old hats, thought it was cute!
5 - Bug and I, obviously. 
6 - I've been contemplating getting a tattoo like this, but I'm so scared! So I just draw it on everyday with a Sharpie. Lol, I'm a loser. 
7 - My lake. 
8 - I may be a little late, but the white chocolate Reece's Eggs are to die for. 
9 - I've gotten back to blogging regularly! Yay!
10 - The BEST chicken taco's ever.
11 - Self portrait.
12 - And a cute little frog I named Prince. :) Original, I know. 

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new blog, new life.

Well hi there, friends.

I just thought I should let my readers know that I will not only be posting on this blog throughout college, but this one as well. 

I decided I was going to start a "College Experience" blog to not only archive my life throughout the college years but to also give some of my readers a first hand account of what that first year is really like. 

If you are interested in seeing how my life goes throughout the next four to six years please do not hesitate to follow. 

Or if you are a high school senior or college freshman looking for some opinions and an idea of what life is going to be like in college I think it'll be a good place for you as well. 

Even if you aren't interested please check it out and let me know how you like it so far! I'd love to have some opinions! :)



graduation ootd.

I know it's a little late to be posting this outfit, but I thought it was cute so I thought I'd share it with you all! Hope you like it! 

Dress - Thrifted.
Belt - F21
Shoes - Macy's
Necklace and Earrings - Illusy