fashion for the fourth.

Well hello there. Long time no see! 

Before the post goes on let me explain a little something to you guys. We had a big storm. Powers out for awhile, maybe even until the 17th. Soooo, with no power comes no internet comes no blog comes a sad Rachael and sad So, hi readers. But I have good news! I have been surfing around houses (4 in 4 days, I feel like a gypsy.) and occasionally I get some wifi, which is obviously the case now. So I am loading up on posts tonight so...hopefully that will work out.

Anyway, now that you know what is going on I can get on to what you really want to read.


Man, I sure do love America. 

I also love fashion and summer. So, put that together and we get some fun USA inspired outfits to rock while watching fireworks tomorrow for the fourth (if you aren't banned from them because of the lack of rain like I am, bummer, I know.)

Here are some idea's to work the red, white and blue fashionista's. 

Want something simple and cute? Try chalking your hair red and blue. I feel like white might make you look a little old, but hey, if you want it go for it. I might just do this, maybe not so drastic as in this picture, but streaks for sure.

Flag shorts with a simple top, so cute. 

Flag tank?

Rock some patriotic nails.

Not going to be outside in the hot weather? Partying inside? Try a navy striped blazer with some red accents. So cute. 

Flag scarves are the bomb(.com)

You could always go crazy patriotic with the make-up too.

If all else fails you could always just wear a flag. NBD.

Keep calm and party on. 



  1. I love the shorts, totally wish I had some but what does NBD mean? I'm probably going to be like 'ohh yehhh!' once you say it haha

  2. Cute ideas! I especially love the nails! (: Have a happy fourth of July!

  3. How patriotic. I mean, I'm not from the U.S.A. or anything, but I can appreciate a good color combo when I see one haha.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog by the way. If you don't mind, I've followed you haha.

    Care to follow back?


  4. These are great ideas for the 4th of july. I tried to do nails for today, red and blue with glitter sparkles but it didn't turn out like I had hoped! Thank you for visiting my blog, hope the power comes back soon. Would you like to follow each other?

  5. The last one is funny abit aha! x http://moncheri-lily.blogspot.com


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