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Here we have a lovely sponsor of mine. Her name is Kristie and she is so cool. I read her blog every so often and watch her videos and she is such an honest and wonderful person! Not to mention very entertaining! Here's some more about her, make sure to check her blog out, I'm sure you will all fall in love.


Hey everyone, I'm Kristie from Kristie Was Here.

I blog about life--all of it--the funny, tragic, hilarious, and mundane.

I have a job, a bucket list, and a knack for being socially awkward without trying.
It's a super power, really.

Want it?

If you really knew me, you’d know that I...

Surround myself with music--home, car, work, gym, plane, bed.

Am a runner, and I'm not fast. It's fine if you are. I don't want to race you because I hate losing.

Can't spell well, and I suck at Scrabble.

Love food. I eat it unashamedly, which is also why I run.

Live to travel. I find a sense of accomplishment in packing light and landing some place new.

Do not mind having my picture taken--ever--unless it's past 10pm. After 10pm, nothing photographed should go on Facebook.

Have a phone voice. It's about 2 octaves higher than my normal voice.

Am an introvert who is incredibly social.

Sarcastic and sensitive. I find this to be a weird combination. Somehow I still have friends.

Am a fast driver, walker, eater, and shower taker.

Make videos when I'm in a bad mood and need to feel better.

I told you she was awesome! So get to it! Check her out (her blog) RIGHT NOW.
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