i've been a bad, bad girl.

Okay guys, I'm going to just go ahead and say it. 

I have not been posting very much lately and I apologize.

Like I said a few posts ago, I now have a 40 hr/wk job and it has been super tiring so right when I get home, take a nap and then it's already 9 o'clock. 

So please forgive me. I have a wonderful idea bank in my head with future posts coming up and hopefully I will get back on the wagon and start posting more regularly. I know I will after July at least because that is when I get done working (Hallelujah! Praise Jesus!) 

So again, I'm sorry. I love you guys so much and I really want to provide you with some good reads but it has been really hard to get time to sit down and let my fingers talk. 

I'll try to get better. 

I promise. 

Stay strong my blogging friends. Comment, follow, love each other and live happily. :)





Why didn't anyone tell me that today was the 25th of June, that month flew by, huh? Summer is a third over. :/ 

But anyway, since it is nearing the end of June that means that it's the beginning of a new sponsorship month! Woo! (soooo much excitement, huh?)

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Happy blogging! :)



how to wear a crop top.

It's summer, obviously and that means that it is prime time for some good skin showin'.

One of the ways ladies are showin' skin is with the use of those lovely crop tops. 

No, no, not that kind.

This kind.

Personally, I am a big fan of crop tops. I even make home-made ones! (Want to know how you can? Look here.)

But I can see where people can forget exactly what looks good and what looks...well...trashy.

Here are some tips to work that crop top, girrrrrl. 

1: If you are going to wear a crop top make sure you do not see anything above your belly-button. If it goes above your belly button, it is too short (unless you are in a swim suit and are just "covering up").

2: Wear them with high wasted shorts! (They look wonderful with a nice pair of distressed shorts!)

3: You can also wear them with a high waisted skirt.

4: Have a tank top dress you want to spice up? Go ahead and put that crop top on it and BOOM, diva.

5. Please, if you have big boobs do not wear them. One, they are not as flattering on you big chested fashionistas, and two you have to leave something for us flat chested girls to work. ;) 

6: If your pants are so tight that you have a little pudge hangin' over them, please, do not wear a crop top.

7: And remember, crop tops are for a care-free summer life. If you are uncomfortable showin' some skin then ad a tank! So go for it, work it, and remember, you look hot girl. 

Interested in sponsoring?! EMAIL ME NOW. (rachg.423@gmail.com)



i was featured on minnetonka!


I was featured on Minnetonka's blog!

That's the Minnetonka shoe brand that you all know I am in love with!

Check it out and send some loooovvvvvvveeee. :)




1 - I'm riding a bull. No big deal.
2 - My dog thinks he's being all sneaky-like hiding under the bed. 
3 - Got a Keurig for graduation. Better believe i'm using the ish outta it. 
4 - Self portrait. 
5 - Got some new make-up at the MAC counter! 
6 - Had to show off my cute computer. Mint green with a coral keyboard! So cute!
7 - Bug and I before our date night.
8 - I was bored.
9 - Grandpa on fathers day, he's so cute. 

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food porn.

You know, I hope when people read this title in their dashboard they do not think that it is legit porn. It's not, it's just a fix for yummy food. 

I bring this up because I was getting spam comments for "amateur sex porn" and I just wanted to let you all know that that is most DEFINITELY not what this post is about. lol 

Freakin' spam. 

Anywhoooooo on to the post.

One thing that I am IN LOVE WITH is icees. Any flavor, any color, any size. All of them.

They are amazing in every single way. They are like a fluffy ice drink of ultimate yumminess

That's right, I did just say that. 

AHHH - Thank you Court for the inspiration.



i love illusy.


You see that ad in the top left corner? CLICK IT NOW.

Why? Because her jewelry is amazing. I mean, look at this post and this post. 

And now here is some more fun stuff featuring her jewelry.

Not only does she wrap the jewelry so beautifully, but she makes all of her jewelry herself. When you see it you can see the amount of heart that went into that jewelry it makes it even more beautiful.

I ended up getting the silver tag necklace, with the tag on the side of my neck. 

Another cool thing about her jewelry is that she can imprint different things into it, like she did with mine. I had her put "R&B". Not because I am a musical genius but for "Rach and Bug". 

Yea, all sappy like that. Don't judge me. 

Anyway, please just take some time to check her products out. You'll fall in love, I'm sure of it. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends. 



i graduated.

It's official. I graduated. I've ended chapter one and am now on to chapter two. 
Now on to the "Big Girl World". Now on to real life. 

I feel slightly indifferent about the whole situation. 
I mean, I am excited to start something new in life, to grow up. 
But I'm afraid too. 
I feel old to be honest. And I do not like that. 
I have my first job and I hate it. But it makes the money I need for college. 
My curfew is now gone, kind of. 
And I have not one, but TWO bank accounts. 
That is the extent that my "growing up" has been so far. I know that's not much but it's really weird.

I'll miss playing in the cornfields with my sister, I'll miss sitting with my boyfriend during lunch, I'll miss sleeping in in the summer, I'll miss my friends, I'll miss high school. 

But I'm excited.
I'm excited to be on my own, learn new things, accomplish all I've ever wanted, to be in control of my schedule, to make new friends, to grow.

Life is changing so fast and I'm not entirely sure how to handle it. I guess we'll find out.

The only thing I know for sure is that I am blessed in everything I have and God has a plan for me. I'm just hoping "Talk Show Hosting" is in that plan. 




Guys, I've gone to the dark side.

Forgive me and just enjoy the photo's.


Drew thought he was hot sporting this outfit. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to black mail him later in life. Hope it works.

I got to see my baby girrrrrl. She cute, ain't she?

Don't lie. You love making obnoxious faces too.

I don't know what the Thai put in their iced tea, but I know that it's like heaven in your mouth. I need to marry a Thai man.

Erika and I went on a shopping trip! 

And I had a closet sale, so that was fun. Made some dough too. ;) One of those girls (far left) is actually one of my sponsors this month, check her out

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