i love illusy.


You see that ad in the top left corner? CLICK IT NOW.

Why? Because her jewelry is amazing. I mean, look at this post and this post. 

And now here is some more fun stuff featuring her jewelry.

Not only does she wrap the jewelry so beautifully, but she makes all of her jewelry herself. When you see it you can see the amount of heart that went into that jewelry it makes it even more beautiful.

I ended up getting the silver tag necklace, with the tag on the side of my neck. 

Another cool thing about her jewelry is that she can imprint different things into it, like she did with mine. I had her put "R&B". Not because I am a musical genius but for "Rach and Bug". 

Yea, all sappy like that. Don't judge me. 

Anyway, please just take some time to check her products out. You'll fall in love, I'm sure of it. 

Have a wonderful weekend friends. 



  1. awww i adore this, its so simple and cute!!! added to my wishlists for sures!


  2. I've had my eye on that exact necklace only in gold! Maybe now I will finally finally be able to get it. Thanks for the discount!

  3. does it slide down due to the weight of the pendant or does it actually stay in place?


  4. very cute! i love how simple it is.

  5. beautiful pictures! and great blog :D


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