meet china.

hi i'm china and yes that is my real name. i blog over at China Frost Loves. i'm a pacific northwest native import to ohio. i recently graduated from college and i'm trying to survive in the "real" world. 

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i've actually been pretty lucky since i graduated college. my passion is to get into the wedding industry through photography and design and i managed to land an awesome internship in mexico! i'm working with some fabulous wedding photographers, Chris + Lynn Photographers, and also writing blog posts for them as well. their new blog, Boda Beautiful, launches soon, which i am very excited for. when i get back to the states in a month i will be working with an amazing small design business, Cormier Creative. check out her work here, its amazing! my blog pretty much showcases things that are going on in my life, beautiful pictures, DIY posts, the start of my own invitation+stationery business, and my adorable dog Benny. i have a wonderful boyfriend who supports my dreams of owning my own stationery business and you will see me talk about him a lot on the blog as well.

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when i'm not blogging i'm constantly cleaning up after my boyfriend in our apartment, killing zombies on Call of Duty, pinning on Pinterest, and crying my eyes out watching Grey's Anatomy. i'm also a big fan of social media and i'm constantly consumed with those apps on my phone. so stop by my blog, stay awhile, and lets become blog pals!



hi from ann...literally.

Hi I'm Ann, and of course I blog over at Hi, From Ann. My blog is really just a mixture of my everyday life, fitness, the odd recipe and pointless rambles. But really I am just a regular ol' girl sitting behind a computer, trying to come up with good things to blog about, and sometimes, (ok a lot.) I can't come up with anything worth while. 

It's really quite interesting though, I promise. I mean sometimes I even have something hilarious to say, and let me tell you its no good to miss out on a good laugh. I mean the only things I really do with my days are work, gym, eat and job hunt. Sounds pretty exciting right? Well it kind of is, housekeeping can be pretty intense. ;) The gym, well thats always a perk because I go with my best friend.. and eating is always awesome cause well, its food and I love food. Especially my healthy lifestyle! Job hunting is the only stressful thing I guess.. I mean I think I've exhausted myself googling different companies that operate heavy equipment. Yay for hard hats and steel toe boots! 

Anyway, here I am again rambling on about non sense, so I'll stop while I'm ahead. Pop by my blog though, I promise you'll love reading it! 


meet miranda.

Well hey guys. My name is Miranda and I run a blog over at mirandagabriella.blogspot.com.

Let me start out by saying that I am a huge nerd. Absolutely HUGE. I love to read books, especially YA fiction, and my nose is always in a book. I can be found clutching books to my chest after I've finished them, crying over fictional characters, drawing pictures of what I think they would look like, or at Barnes & Noble, using every last cent of my allowance to buy more books.

My favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It's a beautiful tale of star-crossed lovers that will leave you lying on your bedroom floor in a fetal position crying every tear you have ever cried in your lifetime. If you're a sucker for romance and quotes that you want to paint on every wall you see, then this book is for you.

My last read was Divergent by Veronica Roth. It's the first in an unfinished trilogy (the second book is called Insurgent, and the third one, currently unnamed, comes out this September) that fits the same genre as the Hunger Games. It takes place in a dystopian Chicago where society is divided by human traits. If you loved the Hunger Games and you love action, sci-fi, and romance, then this is a good read for you.

I also love to write, and I'm currently working on a novel while brainstorming for two more and cultivating ideas for more to come. Writing is my escape from the day and its usual stress. I daydream about characters I'm creating and scribble down notes whenever I get any ideas and fill my phone notes with ideas as well. I'm always creating and writing stories in my head. Writing is a beautiful thing. Whether you’re a good at writing or not so good at writing, I find that a lot of people, including myself, find a way to de-stress by writing it out. Sometimes you don’t have anyone to talk to, so you have to go to Plan B; and Plan B is writing it down, word for word, tearing at the paper and snapping the pencil in half and scribbling words and words and words until all the tears are out and nothing is held up inside of you anymore.



valentines day: outdoor adventure.

Meet MaryElizabeth. 

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Hello! My name is MaryElizabeth from Little Ramblings, and I am so excited to guest blog for So,hi!  Seeing as Valentine's Day is only 2 and a half short weeks away, I figured I would write about a fun outdoor adventure for two and what to wear on the special day. When people think Valentine's Day, they think big, expensive dinner. That can be a turn off for some guys and a bit of pressure. Instead of spending lots of money this Valentine's Day, spend time with them doing something you both would enjoy. Ice skating would be a fun and different way to spend time with that special someone. But, just because you will be hitting the ice rink doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style. Try a warm sweater over a button up paired with a circle skirt. This will be cozy, cute, and easy to move around in on the ice. Thick tights and socks are a must to stay warm and avoid discomfort from the skates. Fuzzy earmuffs and mittens will help keep you toasty. If it is super cold on Valentine's Day, a coat is a must, but don't bundle up too much or you'll be too warm. You don't want sweat beads running down your face! After ice skating, grab some hot cocoa to warm up, chat, and maybe exchange gifts. An ice skating date for two is the perfect way to spend time with your loved one, stay frugal, and have fun together!

What will you be doing this Valentine's Day? 

I hope you enjoyed my post! Thank you, Rach, for having me! Be sure to check out my blog, Little Ramblings, for all things beauty, fashion, and everything in between!




Meet miss Ally. 

Blouse : EverOurs | Jumper : Primark | Skirts : Amazon | Flatform boots : Office

Hi, I'm Ally, I'm 17 and I run a blog on www.perksofbeingally.blogspot.com
Whilst rummaging through some clothes I found this jumper that I bought two years ago from Primark and haven't worn since! It's actually pink but comes up more red. I straight away thought to pair it with my new blouse and I'm so glad I did because I love how they look together, although, I do kind of feel like I'm back in school again with the whole collar and jumper thing! I put my skater skirt and new Office flatforms with it! I like this outfit because it's very retro, it's like The Spice Girls meets Clueless! I really like how my style is evolving. A year ago I would've never thought I could put an outfit like this together, strange how things change in a small amount of time :) 


casual make-up look.

Hey guys! Meet Sarah.

So this is just a little make up post while i have been sorting my room out I thought I would take a break and play round with a simple make up look using a few products i had in my make up bag. 

For this simple natural look I have used Origins Quick Hide concealer to hide and unsightly blemishes and redness around my nose area and under my eyes. 

I then applied my Origins Brighter By Nature Face Powder in very light cool all over my face to even out my skin tone and give a light coverage.

On my cheeks I have used Origins Pinch your cheeks Blusher in Rose Dust. This is my favourite blusher at the moment I love how natural it is and a nice subtle pink. 
On top of this I have used a cheap bronzer I got from a local Beauty Store I used this over my eyes to just to add a little bit of sparkle and a nice glow to my cheek bones. 

On the lips I have used Rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint and balm duo. I got this in a beauty bag from The Clothes Show Live and was a bit unsure of the colour but since going dark I really like it with my Red hair and Pale skin tone. This colour is 100 Endless Blossom. 

Lastly on my lashes I used Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Mascara , I love the brown shade as it gives a nice natural colour and the brush gives great definition to my lashes without clumping them together. 

So thats my Natural Look. What do you think ? 



FREE guest post.

Hey guys! Since I have been so busy and I haven't been able to keep you entertained, I figured I would give my fellow bloggers the chance to reach new readers and followers. 

I am offering anyone, yes, anyone the chance to guest post on my blog for FREE. I usually charge for this, but I want to give you guys the chance to get new followers and readers and page views! 

So, here is what you have to do! 

Just send your COMPLETED guest post to rachg.423@gmail.com

I can virtually be about anything, life, food, OOTD, advice, whatever. 

All I ask is that when you send it to me through email, to just copy and paste the whole post into the message so I do not have to mess around with attachments and links. 

Also, you guys can only be admitted if you follow my blog, so get down there and hit that button! :)

So get to it, friends! This is a great chance to advertise your blog!




Can someone pleeassssssse tell me where I can find one of these lovely scarves? I need it. 



what i'm lovin'.

Well hi there!
How is everything going, my lovelies?
I just got back to school and I am trying to get back into the swing of things, so I apologize for the lack of posts. College probs. 

Anyway, here is a post on one of the things that I am absolutely in love with. Slouchy hats. Yum.

Is that the correct word to describe it? Probably not, but hey, we don't judge people here.

Anywho. Here is what I am lovin'! 

Admit it, they are adorbs.