hi from ann...literally.

Hi I'm Ann, and of course I blog over at Hi, From Ann. My blog is really just a mixture of my everyday life, fitness, the odd recipe and pointless rambles. But really I am just a regular ol' girl sitting behind a computer, trying to come up with good things to blog about, and sometimes, (ok a lot.) I can't come up with anything worth while. 

It's really quite interesting though, I promise. I mean sometimes I even have something hilarious to say, and let me tell you its no good to miss out on a good laugh. I mean the only things I really do with my days are work, gym, eat and job hunt. Sounds pretty exciting right? Well it kind of is, housekeeping can be pretty intense. ;) The gym, well thats always a perk because I go with my best friend.. and eating is always awesome cause well, its food and I love food. Especially my healthy lifestyle! Job hunting is the only stressful thing I guess.. I mean I think I've exhausted myself googling different companies that operate heavy equipment. Yay for hard hats and steel toe boots! 

Anyway, here I am again rambling on about non sense, so I'll stop while I'm ahead. Pop by my blog though, I promise you'll love reading it! 

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