meet china.

hi i'm china and yes that is my real name. i blog over at China Frost Loves. i'm a pacific northwest native import to ohio. i recently graduated from college and i'm trying to survive in the "real" world. 

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i've actually been pretty lucky since i graduated college. my passion is to get into the wedding industry through photography and design and i managed to land an awesome internship in mexico! i'm working with some fabulous wedding photographers, Chris + Lynn Photographers, and also writing blog posts for them as well. their new blog, Boda Beautiful, launches soon, which i am very excited for. when i get back to the states in a month i will be working with an amazing small design business, Cormier Creative. check out her work here, its amazing! my blog pretty much showcases things that are going on in my life, beautiful pictures, DIY posts, the start of my own invitation+stationery business, and my adorable dog Benny. i have a wonderful boyfriend who supports my dreams of owning my own stationery business and you will see me talk about him a lot on the blog as well.

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when i'm not blogging i'm constantly cleaning up after my boyfriend in our apartment, killing zombies on Call of Duty, pinning on Pinterest, and crying my eyes out watching Grey's Anatomy. i'm also a big fan of social media and i'm constantly consumed with those apps on my phone. so stop by my blog, stay awhile, and lets become blog pals!


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