valentines day: outdoor adventure.

Meet MaryElizabeth. 

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Hello! My name is MaryElizabeth from Little Ramblings, and I am so excited to guest blog for So,hi!  Seeing as Valentine's Day is only 2 and a half short weeks away, I figured I would write about a fun outdoor adventure for two and what to wear on the special day. When people think Valentine's Day, they think big, expensive dinner. That can be a turn off for some guys and a bit of pressure. Instead of spending lots of money this Valentine's Day, spend time with them doing something you both would enjoy. Ice skating would be a fun and different way to spend time with that special someone. But, just because you will be hitting the ice rink doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your style. Try a warm sweater over a button up paired with a circle skirt. This will be cozy, cute, and easy to move around in on the ice. Thick tights and socks are a must to stay warm and avoid discomfort from the skates. Fuzzy earmuffs and mittens will help keep you toasty. If it is super cold on Valentine's Day, a coat is a must, but don't bundle up too much or you'll be too warm. You don't want sweat beads running down your face! After ice skating, grab some hot cocoa to warm up, chat, and maybe exchange gifts. An ice skating date for two is the perfect way to spend time with your loved one, stay frugal, and have fun together!

What will you be doing this Valentine's Day? 

I hope you enjoyed my post! Thank you, Rach, for having me! Be sure to check out my blog, Little Ramblings, for all things beauty, fashion, and everything in between!


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