happy valentines day!

I hope everyone had just as great of a Valentines as I did! If not...here's some Valentines to make you chuckle a little. ;) 



college is...

 What is college you ask? Well it is a short time in life where you will be able to do whatever you want... however you want... and potentially grow as a person, hopefully in a positive way. Not to mention there are a couple of odd things that happen only during this time in your life. 

To get a better understanding of what I mean I have compiled a little list of what I believe is synonymous to what I now know as "college." Enjoy. 

1. Coffee addiction. 

2. Falling on your butt every time there is snow. 


4. Staying up until 1 in the morning on a school night talking about smelly feet. 

5. Wearing leggings...every single day.

6. Thinking "Why am I even here?"

7. Thinking, "Wow, this is why I am here. This is where I need to be."

8. Midnight Steak and Shake runs. 

9. Eating healthy all day but ruining it by eating a pint of ice cream at 10 pm.

10. Looking like a Gremlin in your 9 am class. 

11. Forever editing your cover letters to apply to the 1000 jobs you are interested in. 


13. And then having your teacher grade you incorrectly and having to fight for points back.

14. Calculating the worst possible grade you can get just to graduate. 

15. Watching "your shows" with all of your roomies. 

16. Jimmy Johns after a night out = nothing better. 

17. Paying to graduate. Paying for transportation you don't use. Paying for that kid's socks over there... 

18. Teachers you cannot understand. 

19. Information you cannot understand. (Physics? What is viscosity again? Gamma?)

20. Realizing that you can use Greek letters somewhere else other than when referring to the sororities. 

21. Making memories. 

22. Having 14 reminders on your phone so you can successfully live life. 

23. Going back to your hometown on the weekends and feeling like a superstar from all the attention. 

24. Group chats. 

25. Avoiding looking at your bank account after you pay for tuition and books. 

26. Spending 600 dollars on a book and then only reading one chapter out of it. 

27. Watching Netflix for 14 hours straight on sunday. 

28. Wishing you had a scooter to ride around campus like everyone else. 

29. Wishing you would have used your meal plan so much more Freshman year. 

30. Adventures. 

31. Teachers forever pronouncing your name wrong. 

32. When the people in the apartment above you are rhino's and crack your ceilings. 

33. Awkward moments in the elevator. 

34. If at some point you don't dislocate your knee... you aren't doing college right. 

35. Facebook stalking professors. 

36. 19237 emails a day that do not pertain to you, or your major, or your career, in anyway whatsoever. 

37. Staying at work that extra 3 minutes to get an extra $1.23 on your paycheck. (Shout out to minimum wage)

38. Having mental breakdowns once a week.

39. Helping your roomies realize that everything will be okay when they have a mental breakdown. 

40. Free stuff. 

41. Asking for groceries and paper towels for Christmas and your birthday. 

42. Stealing groceries and paper towels from your home when you visit. 

43. Missing your dog. 

44. Halloween 

45. And lastly, but most importantly, how to take a BOMB picture with your BFFs. 

Let's all just be honest. College is just weird. Enjoy it peeps. 



guess who's back, back again.

Rach is back, tell a friend. 

HELLO ALL OF MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS, FRIENDS, LOVERS, (haters), etc! I am so sorry for being gone for so long, but lately I have REALLY been missing you guys and writing and just overall this blog thing.

With that said. Here I am, trying to make my comeback. Hopefully you'll have me. Hopefully you missed me. Hopefully we can pick things up where we left them. 

But with that said. There has been SO MUCH that has changed since the last time I saw (wrote) you wonderful people. 

First and foremost I AM A SENIOR IN COLLEGE. I'm about to graduate with a speech-language pathology degree here this May and then I'm off to freakin' GRAD SCHOOL. 

I know. Crazy right? 

But honestly this whole school thing is the reasoning as to why I haven't been writing you guys. School takes a lot out of you, add on work + clinic + meetings + tests + hw + a social life + sleep and you don't have much time left to blog. 

But since it is the last semester of my senior year my load is pretty light right now so I figured I'd take advantage of it and bring "So, hi" back! 

So wish  me luck in actually being able to keep up with posting, and I will talk to you lovely people soon!