happy new year!

Have a wonderful, safe, fun, fantastic, sparkly, inspirational, loving New Years my friends. :)

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Hey guys! Again, sorry for the lack of posts, my internet has been on the fritz lately and I haven't been able to show you all of my holiday adventures! So here I am, sitting in McDonalds, writing this post so I can keep you guys a little interested in this blog. :)

I also have a EOTDays post coming up along with a Christmas Haul! So those should be up as soon as my internet gets fixed, which will hopefully be on Wednesday. Hopefully. 

But for those of you who are stickin' through with me, thanks and don't worry I'll be back and better for the new year! :)

Yes, that is a "G-sus" cookie thanks to Bug. 

My ballin' gift I got for miss Erika!

What a sweetie. :)

Happy New Years! Can't wait to start posting sooooooon. :)

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calling all january sponsors! (with a secret surprise thrown in!)

What a better way to bring in the new year with a new crop of pretty ads? 

So that brings us to advertising on "So, hi" for the month of January! 

Obviously, I love my sponsors, and I feel like 2012 is going to be even more fun. So if you are just starting a blog and want to get more advertisement and traffic towards it, or if you already have a semi-successful blog and just want to get a new crop of readers then this is the blog for you! 

Here are some stats. 

So, hi has over 70,000 page views.
Over 800 a day.
Over 750 followers and steadily increasing.
You will get a featured post, whether it is in a group post or a single guest post. 
You have options for giveaways. 
And you guys are the ones I look to for opinion posts, thus giving you more advertisement. 


Just for those of you who contact me early for January you can get a great deal. Different rates for not just 1 month, BUT THREE. And it's super cheap. Think of it as a "Buy 2 get one free" kind of thing. 

I know, I'm a peach. ;)

Here are the rates along with the sizes. 

XL - $25 (3 months $50)
Featured introduction post (As many links and pictures as you wish).
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Al la carte
Guest post - $10 (You pick when you would like the post to be up.)
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So there it is! I'd love to have you! Make sure you contact me soon to get your spot! 

Email me at rachg.423(at)gmail(dot)com. 
All payments are done through paypal.


hottie of the day. (christmas edition)

Mr. Clause seems to have gone on a diet and started working out. Thus making him our hottie of the day!

You can break into my house any day. 

Thanks for the great idea Kate

PS: Photo's from weheartit.com


holiday glam make-up.

Hey guys! I figured I would do a holiday look for you so you can have an idea of what to wear to all of your Christmas parties, or whatever. :)  

If you are bored and have nothing better to do, then you can spend 10 minutes watching this video to see how to accomplish this lovely look. Sorry, I lack on the editing equipment, but...oh well. Haha!
Oh! And I'm not entirely sure why this video is side ways, but if that bothers you just watch it on youtube and then come back here. :) 

So try it out! It's perrrrfect for Christmas, or Hanukkah, or New Years! Have fun with it!

How cute is this? Erika is such a good elf. :)

After Ice-Skating! :) Our cheeks were all rosy from the cold. Bug kind of looks like Santa, huh?

If you guys do end up trying out this look, let me know how it turns out! Maybe even send me a picture?

Have a wonderful week! :)


gift idea's fo' yo' fran.

Hey guys! 

So we got the man gifts out of the way, now what should we get that girl that has been with you through thick and thin? The girl that knows you better than anyone else? The girl that you share over 390242 inside jokes with? Your best friend.

Well. Here's some ideas.

Cute Jewelry is always a good way to go.

Look at these cute Peanut butter and jelly rings!  This is for only the most legit best friends.

You can never go wrong with a beautiful necklace.

And pretty bracelets will always be the perfect gift for your friend.

Silly, creative gifts are always wonderful as well. 

A clever ipod holder. Not going to lie. I kind of want one for myself. 

Best Friend coupons. Oh my gosh. Perfect!

A pep talk book for when you aren't there.

Cozy is also a wonderful way to go! :)

A cozy scarf to wear in the wintery cold...

and a super cute hat'll help too!

Anymore idea's, lovelies? 


lashem review.

Well hi there. Just doing a quick review over some awesome products that I had sent to me a couple of months ago. 

They sent me four items. 
Double Trouble Mascara
Picture Perfect Anti Wrinkle Cream
3-in-1 Eye Bright
and Measureable Difference Lash Gel!

I must say I really did fall in love with these products. Especially the mascara and lash gel. I was so skeptical when it came to lash growing serums, but when they offered to send me some to review I thought "Why not?" And thank goodness I did! My eyelashes have grown substantially, the mascara is awesome, and the eye bright is a life saver on those days where you don't get much sleep. AND not only did they send me these products but also a cute little bag. How nice is that? 

Want proof that it works?

Okay, this picture really doesn't give the product justice. Just take my word. I cannot tell a lie. ;)

Look at how long and dark and wonderful my lashes are. :) 

Here's a legit review if you are into that sort of thing. And don't mind the jank-ness of it all. I really do not have any way to record videos and edit them efficiantly. Please don't judge. ;)

And make sure to check them out, they are having a sale! Lash gel + mascara for 35 bucks! A stealllll, especially since the lash gel alone costs around $70 normal! 


gift idea's fo' yo' man.

Have a man in your life?
Don't know what to get him for Christmas? 
Well have no fear. Rach is here. 

Whether you have a sporty guy, an outdoor man, or a metro dude here is a list for them all. I hope this helps you guys in the quest for what to get your man. I know that a list would've helped me out when Drew and I first started dating for sure. 

First off for those sporty guys in your life. 

How cute will he look in this Sweatshirt/Sweater thing? Gotta love Nike. 

Every sporty guy needs a good pair of Shorts. Like my man, Bug, says "You gotta be ready to ball at anytime!"

Now for those outdoorsy, macho man types. 
Wouldn't they LOVE this? It's so cool. If you have a guy that likes to explore you HAVE to get this for him. This Survival Bracelet is a must. 

Now for the rockers out there. 

This Mini Amp would be perfect, wouldn't it?

Now for the silly boys that are in love with that new game that came out...Call of Duty? And those guys that like to shop and recycle. 

A Reusable Shopping Bag that looks like a grenade! 

The techies. 

One word. Ipad

On a budget?

Can't go wrong with these yummy, festive Cookies.

And Kisses? What guy doesn't love that?

Socks. Cheap and needed. And cozy. Perfecto.

And probably best gift ever, love. :)

Hope I helped!