christmas wish list.

Well, Christmas is coming up (obviously) and I cannot WAIT. 
I love chillin' with the family, eating super yummy food, and giving and receiving presents! 

So here is just a quick list of the things that I am hoping Santa will bring me. :)

You all know that I want these boots so bad. So, there really is not need to explain further on these since I have posted so much about them already!

A cute fluffy kitten, preferably dark gray. But I don't discriminate. :)

Now, I have fallen in love with Benefit cosmetics lately. You will notice as you scroll down this page. 

First off is this beautiful highlighter. Oh my gosh. Heaven.

Then there are the cheek and lip tints. I really want the Cha Cha tint, but I love the others too. :)

The Erase Paste concealer is AMAZING. If you have the darkest undereye circles, this is the concealer for you. Fo realz.

Now on to the college crap.

I want a mini pink fridge. How cute will that be chillin in my dorm?

Annnnd I'll need a pink microwave to go with that pink fridge, won't I? ;)

And last, but definitely not least. I want some mustache mugs. They are so freaking cute.

Feel free to send some of these lovely presents my way, I mean, I won't complain. ;)

What do you want for Christmas?

Photos from weheartit.com


  1. OH MY GOSH! that hello kitty mini oven, I want it!! so cute

  2. I LOVE Benefit so much!! I'm getting "Watt's Up" for Christmas! Great List :)

  3. I swear by the Bad Gal mascara. Hands down THE best mascara I've ever tried!

  4. I hope you get everything you wish for this Christmas :) xo Dora

  5. oh my god, that pink fridge!!!!!


  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog, are you interested in following each other?

  7. Tash Mugs! I'm so sure I need THOSE in my life!

  8. Benefit's high beam is my all time favourite beauty product!

    Fabulous blog, you have a new follower :)

    Sophie x


    ps. I want a kitten for Christmas too!

  9. i'm a new reader and i love your blog! :)
    p.s. love those boots!

  10. i'm a new reader and i love your blog :)
    p.s. love those boots!

  11. aaah an amazing and unique assortment of gifts!!! I hope you get it all!!!

    Tweet Me!

  12. Oh my gosh, those mustache mugs are so much fun! I think they may have to go on my Christmas list too.


  13. I also have a pair of Minnetonka boots on my Christmas list!

  14. Sooo...i totally just realized that the mustache mugs thatyou have on here are the ones that i almost bought you before their sight crashed. IRONIC.


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