gift idea's fo' yo' man.

Have a man in your life?
Don't know what to get him for Christmas? 
Well have no fear. Rach is here. 

Whether you have a sporty guy, an outdoor man, or a metro dude here is a list for them all. I hope this helps you guys in the quest for what to get your man. I know that a list would've helped me out when Drew and I first started dating for sure. 

First off for those sporty guys in your life. 

How cute will he look in this Sweatshirt/Sweater thing? Gotta love Nike. 

Every sporty guy needs a good pair of Shorts. Like my man, Bug, says "You gotta be ready to ball at anytime!"

Now for those outdoorsy, macho man types. 
Wouldn't they LOVE this? It's so cool. If you have a guy that likes to explore you HAVE to get this for him. This Survival Bracelet is a must. 

Now for the rockers out there. 

This Mini Amp would be perfect, wouldn't it?

Now for the silly boys that are in love with that new game that came out...Call of Duty? And those guys that like to shop and recycle. 

A Reusable Shopping Bag that looks like a grenade! 

The techies. 

One word. Ipad

On a budget?

Can't go wrong with these yummy, festive Cookies.

And Kisses? What guy doesn't love that?

Socks. Cheap and needed. And cozy. Perfecto.

And probably best gift ever, love. :)

Hope I helped! 


  1. great post!


  2. Cute photo!

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  3. Adorable ideas! I love them all...
    And yes. Kisses and cuddling= BEST GIFT EVER.

  4. oh my gosh, what an absolutely adorable giftlist!! thanks for sharing:)

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  5. how cute!! :)
    i don't have a man but i did buy a book for a guy friend :D

  6. that sweatshirt/sweater looks super comfy! def something my hubs would wear!

  7. Haha this post is too cute! I have to get my boy transformers for birthdays, Christmases, everything - it's always what he wants!

  8. Thanx for sharing nice ideas of gift Buying a unique gift for a special person shows your emotion and care towards the person for whom you buying a unique gift.


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