spooky nails.

Okay, so I was thinking I'd start a new "Halloween" inspired series of posts for nail art. Why? Because I love Halloween, and I love super cute nails.


So the first of my spooky nail tutorial's are these bloody nails. Perfect for if you are going to dress up as Dracula.

Here's what you need.

Red nail polish
Base coat (or white)
Top coat
A bobby pin or toothpick
Some scrap piece of paper

Here's what you have to do.

1. Apply base coat - Let it completely dry.

2. Apply the red nail polish to the tips of the nails - It can be messy, it doesn't matter.

4. Take the red nail polish and drip about a dime size amount onto the scrap piece of paper.
5. Take the bobby pin and create drops of blood by having a larger bottom the the drop and drawing upwards to the top to the nail.
6. Add random "Drops" of blood to the bottom in a tear shape.
7. Apply top coat after it is completely dry.

And there you have it! Super spooky nails (Up at the top)! Yay! :)

Did you like how I made my hands look like they belonged to a zombie? ;)


hey guys, it's almost halloween.

Okay, so one of my favorite holidays, if it is even considered a holiday, is Halloween. Why? I don't know, maybe because you get to dress up in something you wouldn't normally wear, or you get candy, or there are pumpkins with smiles everywhere, or maybe because I have an excuse to wear crazy make up and jewelry? I don't know. It's awesome. You know it. 

Here - I'll just show it. ;)
(Notice my mad rhyming skills, maybe I should be a rapper for Halloween this year, what do you think?)

Okay, that last one has nothing to do with Halloween, but it has a mustache - So, it is all good. 

Have a lovely day, friends. :)

PS: Photos from weheartit.com


things i love.

Off the shoulder tops. Lace is best, of course. 

I will someday own this car, thank you.


Baby elephants.

Crunchy fall leaves.

Baby giraffes. (Doesn't he look like ET?)


Choco-choco chip.

Pretty scarves.

Feather hair.

These earrings. 

This ring - it looks like a skeleton hand!

These nails. I'm doing this one day.

Red lips. 

What do you love, friends?

PS: Photo's from weheartit.com


calling all october sponsors!

It's that time again - Sponsor round-up.

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hottie of the day.

I was just looking at my posts and I noticed  that I haven't done a hottie of the day this month! How silly of me. 

Adam Levine.

"Hey there, ladies."

Smiles. :)

Deep thought.

Get it, Adam.

Got to love the bad boy. ;)


Idea's for the next one? :)


PS: Photos from weheartit.com


september sponsors.

Hey guys! I'd love to introduce you to some of the cutest blogs on the "block" :) I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do, and make sure to check them all out! They are absolutely lovely. :)

And don't forget to check out my "interrogation" on Jane's blog! :)


Hey everyone! I'm Hannah from Coffee Books & Clothes.
I am 17-year-old senior in high school and I am new to the blog-o-sphere, but I love blogging and reading blogs!
I decided to blog about the 3 things I looove: coffee, books, & clothes! I would call it a lifestyle blog with my ramblings on usually these three topics (I try not to go too far off on a tangent).
My Obsessions:  chocolate covered coffee beans, classic novels, leggings, blended coffee drinks, Harry Potter, and leopard print anything.
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      hi friends, I'm Lauren, the blogger of The Perfect Pear! I like making funny      faces in the mirror, eating frozen cupcakes and overall just being blissfully happy! I say words like holy cow, glory bee, toodles and gosh. My favorite color combo is blue + green (even thought "blue and green should never be seen") at the moment! I get very inspired by the little details around me. Cracks in a wall, chipped paint, tiny flowers and detailed patterns. I am a girl of DIY who most often will go to a store and not buy anything because I'm constantly saying "pfft, well I could make that!" If you like DIY, pretty things and inspiration, come by my blog The Perfect Pear! p.s. you guys are the only people who have seen that sneak peek of my new product! shhh

Hello there! I'm Minna from Teal & Tea blog (: I'm a student studying graphic design, currently living in the beautiful northwest with my rambunctious pup, Chanel. I blog about things I like, and about things that inspire me. I'm a very busy girl, and when I blog, I feel like time slows down; it's almost therapeutic. I run two shops on etsy: MINCO Jewelry & EatPrayCreate. You can also find me here: twitter | facebook | pinterest | flickr

Hi, I'm Ashlynn. :) I'm a first year college student who crafts to keep myself sane. I blog about my life: college, crafting, the boyfriend and my family. I love animals (except spiders), music, watching movies, smiling and going on dates. When I'm older, I'm going to have my own handmade good shop and I'm going to be fluent in Spanish.
And that's me in a nutshell. :)
Make sure to check out the blog. :)

My name is Janee Lookerse. I'm an LA based artist who loves to make just about anything. I have my BFA in Art with an emphasis in Dark Room Photography. Recently, I've been focusing more on my blog and craft business making decorative garlands, kids toys and much more. Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard is an accumulation of all the thoughts, ideas, inspiration and projects 
that find their way through the tangled mess in my brain :)

Hi! I'm Rachel, a wife, mother, and bargain shopper extraordinaire. I believe it's impossible to have too many shoes or handbags. And I'm not sarcastic. At all.


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Hey guys!

Another opinion post coming at you - and the title says it all. 


I know you have all seen the trend popping up on runways, celebs, magazine's, everywhere. The ombre trend is one that I believe will be short lived and kind of looks like you have forgotten to touch up your roots for a year or so, but somehow...I am still drawn to it and I have no idea why.

You generally see this look on longer haired girls, but the short haired girls are pulling it off too! (i.e. Alexa Chung) I have also seen people "Color Ombre" their hair and add some colored tie-dye looks to their blonde locks. It's interesting to say the least, I wish I had enough spunk to ad color to my hair. 

Well, here is what some of my lovely sponsors and followers had to say about the trend. The results came out to be that most people either love it, or hate it. 

"Ombre hair is tricky... When done right, it can look perfectly styled and fun. But sometimes it just looks like you missed a spot when you dyed your hair. My advice: if you want ombre hair, have it professionally done. Though there are at-home ombre hair kits, disaster quickly follows with those. Ombre hair is trendy and adorable when done right, and the only way to guarantee that is to have your hair done by a professional stylist."

"I personally think ombre hair is tacky. There has only been a couple times when it actually looked good, but most of the time it makes women look like they are in desperate need of a dye job."
- Victoria from Vi-key

"Yay!! Definitely yay! When done correctly the ombré hair can be natural and beautiful. Not just any stylist can accomplish it. You need to go to a professional who has been trained in the melting technique. So, I say go for it because it's such a fun style! :)"
- Gentri from Gentri Lee

"Nay- I'm not really a huge fan of it! I feel like it's something that is trending right now, and as soon as it's over people will be like, "Oh, why did I do that again?" Dont get me wrong, many girls have it and still look beaaaaaautiful, but it's just not my thing!"
- Ashley from The Shine Project 

My personal opinion? I think ombre hair can look super hot if it is done right, like the girls said. I like when it gradually gets lighter - and isn't very blunt. I think it looks best on longer hair and just flows into a light caramel blonde. Is it for me? No. Is it for other chicks? Most definitely. 

Tell me what you think, friends. 

And Ashley up their is giving away one beautiful necklace - so don't forget to enter that. :)

PS: Photo's from wehearit.com