These are not glasses from GlassesUsa - These are just a cheap pair from a local store, just so you know! GlassesUSA has much better quality glasses. Haha

Okay ya'll. I know most of you are in High School and are in College and are tight on money, but what happens when you need a new pair of glasses? Whether they are prescription of just to protect those little eyes of yours?

Well have I got a treat for you. I have been contacted by GlassesUSA.com and once they told me about their site I had to tell all of you. They provide nice, cute, unique glasses for a reasonable price. I know. Crazy.

See, I don't need glasses, but for some reason I always thought that they were so cute. In fact I have even bought some fake ones from Claire's because they were SO cute. I know, I'm weird. But pretty much everyone else in my family does have glasses, and I showed them the site and they thought it was wonderful. That is why I am showing you! And the fact that they are super cute doesn't hurt either. ;)

I never actually ever thought about buying eyeglasses online...but now that I have thought about it I think that it is a wonderful thing! I mean, you get to see all of the glasses in one place and you get the prescription that you need, and it is all at a verrrry reasonable price. 

And GET THIS. If you aren't sure how the eyeglasses will look on you you can try them on with a virtual mirror, awesome right? 

So if you are needing some new glasses make sure to check out the site! And keep this in mind:

They have a Back to School sale where when you buy one pair of glasses you get the other pair free. You have to love BOGO.
Code: Back2School

Also, Take $25 off any order of glasses with Transitions lenses.
Code: Trans25

And lastly, just for you guys - Take of 10% on any order.
Code: blog10

So get out there and order glasses!


  1. That is so cool they sent you those to try. How fun and they are really cute on you. I haven't had to wear glasses yet but I'm sure I will sometime in the future. hehe


  2. Love the glasses. Speaking of, I need to put mine on...or I guess go to sleep ;)


  3. you look cute with glasses =)

  4. Love the specs hun! Mine were cheap as well and they look fine lol

    x x x

  5. These glasses do look very cute! Sometimes I love that I need glasses :-)

  6. hey girly;) your glasses fits you so well!

  7. your glasses look great but I'd be scared ordering them online as I have all these crazy problems with my eyes so I like going into the opticians

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. I hate glasses because I have to wear them, it's as if there's always this glasswall between me and the world :D (contact lenses don't help, because with them my eye does not adjust so well to looking close - glasses I just take off when reading)


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