lovely links.

Here are some things that I have been loving this week. 

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish.

I'm so into emerald lately, so cute. 

These earrings are sooooooo cute. 

Everything on here. 

Minnetonka giveaways?! YES.

Nom Nom Nom. 

This blog. 



things college kids wear.

Oh, hi there. 

So, as you guys know I am now in college. 


And one of the things I realized is that pretty much there are 5 main categories of style that are here at BSU. 

Let me explain further.  

The first category.

Those who longboard/skateboard. There are so many freakin' people out there 'boarding. I have seriously about gotten hit 5 times. I have also seen 3 people fall off of their boards. Though, it would be awesome to know how to skateboard or longboard it is ridiculous how many times I almost get hit walking down the street. We need to have a "board/bike" lane. Fo realz. But anyway, they wear man tanks, and colored shorts. Always. Lol


The diva's. Now, I am a diva too, but when I say diva, I mean DI-VA. These girls look so good all the time. I was walking home from church today and I saw these girls with super long legs, beautiful hair, hi-low skirts, heels, everything matched perfectly, everything beautiful. HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO THAT. I am way to lazy to look like that everyday, as much as it pains me to say. Work it girls. 


The vintage crew. High-waisted shorts, canvas shoes, lacy shirts, gaudy jewelry, old-school shades. You know. They be rockin' their natural curls, and just workin' it. 


The athletes. I probably see people wear this most out of everyone, just the casual gym/running shorts and a t-shirt. Comfy and casual. I understand. 

The internationals. They really work it. Every one of them look so nice all the time. They work the collared shirts and the cute dresses, adding that asian piz-azz to every outfit.

So there we have it. That is what I have seen here at Ball State, and I'm not sure if I fall into any of those categories  but those are the main styles I see. Do you go to college? What styles do you guys see? 




my life as of now.

Hey guys! I don't know if you have noticed or not, but I have not been posting as much as I would like to. 

There is a reason for that though.

I have just started College. Yes, I am a big girl now and I am trying to cope with such a big transition in my life so I have been kind of off of the internet radar. 

And unfortunately I feel like there are going to be a lot less posts for a while because I am trying to adjust and I have a ton of schoolwork. 

So I apologize, but I will try to post every so often because I truly do love you guys and I want to make sure you are happy! 

So with that said, let me show you a little bit of what is going on. 

Also, you can find out more about my college life here

Well, I have been studying a lot. Outside, too since it has been super beautiful out. 

I'm a SPAA major, which explains why I will not have very much time to blog. I have to maintain a super high GPA and I'm stressin' out. But it'll be worth it in the long run. :)

I've made new friends with my hall mates! They are so fun and sweet! :)

Here is my side of the dorm. Hopefully I can give you a dorm tour soon!

I rode a bus for the first time. It was interesting to say the least. 

We have a rock wall on campus. It's awesome. 

I am really enjoying my new umbrella for the nasty weather. 

Goin' out is fun too. 

And the walk to my classes is beautiful. :)

So there we have it. That is what is going on with me right now. If you want to keep in touch follow me on twitter or follow my college life blog. 

Have a wonderful life, friends. Hopefully I'll see you soon. :)

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hottie of the day.

Today our hottie of the day was requested by miss Catelyn

Gerard Butler.

Om nom nom.

Gerard, your pants are falling off. 

What a diva.

"Don't sweat my swag."

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Okay, you all know that I am obsessed with sunglasses, like seriously, I have a problem. 

BUT I have yet to find the perfect "Party" shades.

Well have no fear. Nectar is here.

These sunglasses are sooooo freakin' awesome.

You can customize them and they even have GLOW IN THE DARK. 

Ahhh, just look. 



spam comments.

Okay, I find this all kind of humorous and ridiculous so I have decided to share it with you, my friends.

If you are a blogger you understand that in the comment tab of blogger there are three subcatagories. Published comments, Awaiting Moderation, and Spam.

Well I get spam comments probably at least 8 times a week. And they are really ridiculous. 

Maybe my sense of humor is just weird. Here's just a look at a few of them. 

And, yes, they are all weird sizes and some are very small but I couldn't fit them all. lol. I'm sorry!

John Petter, I do not look funny.

Ghulam, I am glad that you enjoy my hotties. 

Okay, this one is talking about how much my bashing on uggs helped him with prayer. And then he linked sequined uggs. Really? I know, whenever I see others talk about how much they dislike certain products it makes me closer with God.

Alright, this one is really small but pretty much it is saying that I need to test my spelling because I spell things wrong a lot and it is bothersome to this Coach salesman. If you are going to spam me, at least be nice! I know I am horrible at spelling, you don't have to rub it in. :(

 I think you enjoyed it a little too much...

Food porn was a bad title. All these people are linking bad things to my blog. Shame on you.

And these are just a few of them. It's getting ridiculous. Have any of you other bloggers out there gotten any funny spam comments? 



hottie of the day.

In honor of the olympics our hottie of the day, requested by Tavanny, we have one hot swimmer. 

Not to say that the rest of them aren't hot. 

Ryan Lochte.


The only man that can make grillz bearable. 


"I can't help I'm a beast."

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