spam comments.

Okay, I find this all kind of humorous and ridiculous so I have decided to share it with you, my friends.

If you are a blogger you understand that in the comment tab of blogger there are three subcatagories. Published comments, Awaiting Moderation, and Spam.

Well I get spam comments probably at least 8 times a week. And they are really ridiculous. 

Maybe my sense of humor is just weird. Here's just a look at a few of them. 

And, yes, they are all weird sizes and some are very small but I couldn't fit them all. lol. I'm sorry!

John Petter, I do not look funny.

Ghulam, I am glad that you enjoy my hotties. 

Okay, this one is talking about how much my bashing on uggs helped him with prayer. And then he linked sequined uggs. Really? I know, whenever I see others talk about how much they dislike certain products it makes me closer with God.

Alright, this one is really small but pretty much it is saying that I need to test my spelling because I spell things wrong a lot and it is bothersome to this Coach salesman. If you are going to spam me, at least be nice! I know I am horrible at spelling, you don't have to rub it in. :(

 I think you enjoyed it a little too much...

Food porn was a bad title. All these people are linking bad things to my blog. Shame on you.

And these are just a few of them. It's getting ridiculous. Have any of you other bloggers out there gotten any funny spam comments? 



  1. lol! these are hilarious!


  2. Lol which planet do they come.from or are they doing the copy paste comment to everyone. If they are real people I'm sure they are free enough to read and type relevantly in the least! and the last one is epic haha what part2
    (p.s this is not a spam comment)

  3. I one wrote a post about a Harry Potter costume I had made.. a received a spam comment on it like a month later that said something like 'I believe this post to be will be helpful to all those who have heard or known of Harry Potter' and then left a link to a costume shop.. it was confusing for it's scrambled English and the fact I just wrote about how I can make HP costumes.. why would I buy one?!?! I deleted it but it made me giggle and was far more family friendly than most of the spam comments I get.

    Yours are so funny as well, thanks for sharing!

  4. LOL! Gotta love spam!

  5. I have been getting some great spam comments. I especially liked when Aaron Rodgers left a comment, but was very disappointed by his English.
    P.S. I am so glad I am not the only one who loves their spam and posts about it! =]

  6. Haha, so funny :) Food porn, love it!! I bet that helped with the prayer learning, too :)

  7. haha, spam! ew!


  8. LOL! The spam comment on the sequin uggs made me laugh so hard!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  9. Seriously, I'm always getting spam for viagra. I have NO IDEA why

  10. baha, this is so great. I've actually never gotten a spam comment, so i'm feeling a little out the cool-bloggers-get-funny-spam club, but it's whatever, these are hilarious.

    blogging is a good time when you can laugh at others marketing techniques thats for dang sure.


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