my life.

Just thought I would post some pictures about what is currently going on in  my life, and what all has happened the past couple of weeks!

Yea, I kind of look like a dork in this picture, but it was the only one I could get. (This was on our local news website, lucky me, huh?) But anyway, I am a candidate for a local pageant coming up in the next two months. It'll be interesting, I've never done anything pageant-y before. It'll be a fun adventure.  ;)

I have been cheering like crazy! Here is myself  (of course) with a couple of my little cheer friends. :)

School. Friends. You know how that goes. 

Erika and I made Valentines cupcakes. 

As you can see. 

They looked pretty. 

But the only thing that tasted good was the icing. Haha

And guess who got accepted to the college of her choice. Just guess. 

Oh! And I have a fun haul coming up soon. :)

What has your life been like?


meet the sponsors.

Hey guys! I'd like you to check out this months crop of sponsors! They are all absolutely lovely! :)
I asked them to send me in one of their favvvvorite pictures and tell me why they love it! (Just for some background info) :)


This is my husband and I. This is the best thing that ever happened to me.

i love that picture because monty can be photogenic without even trying. and i also like how my hands can wrap around his little chest :)

This pitcture is one of my favorites. It's me in one of my favorite places- the mountains that I grew up in.

I took this polaroid upon my departure from New York City last October. It's a personal reminder to travel more in the New Year and write all about my adventures.

This is a photo of yarn I bought at my local market. I chose it to represent my blog and myself because it is 1)Environmental, like my degree, 2) I like the image itself, and I practice photography, and 3) I love to crochet and be crafty! 

Hi guys, i'm Julie from CanSoupLover! I'm 28 and live in Paris (Not in Texas, the good one). I have a 'big-girl' corporate job and since i don't really like that, i needed a place to escape, that's where my blog starts! I'm going to move to Canada next summer and will probably traveling around the US before! So, do you want to follow me into these great adventures?" 


Make sure to check out each and everyone of them because they are amazing. :)

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hottie of the day.

Chris Pine. 

This one is for my sister, Kennis. 

Requests for the next hottie of the day? I'm running out... 
PS: Photo's from weheartit.com


review: HANA titanium 1.5 inch flat iron.

Hey guys! 

I was lucky enough to get an email from Misikko asking if I would do a review for one of their products, the HANA titanium 1.5 inch flat iron. I was ecstatic when I found out, because I use a flat iron almost everyday so I would love to try out something other than my CHI. 

Misikko is a website that has everything you'll ever need for your hair, all at a discount. They have flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, everything. And it's the good stuff. 

They were so sweet to not only send me the flat iron but a bunch of other goodies as well! Take a look. 

So check them out! You guys need to see the deals that they have going on. Legit. If you need a chi, a new hair dryer, or a HANA you will not be disappointed. :)

And I just thought I'd throw in this man-candy. ;)
Isn't he a cutie!? He was so excited for the snow! 


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snowy look of the day.

It was snowing, so I figured I would do a look that was kind of, festive? No...that's not the right word...um, oh well. You know what I mean. This is the make-up that I think captures a "Snowy day look". Well, other than the "lay-in-bed-in-slouchy-sweats" look. :)

I also had to dress up for school so I thought I would show you my outfit as well.

Here's a close up of the make-up. 

For all of you wondering, the lipstick is in Plum Perfect from Maybelline. 

You have to love flattering pictures like this one, huh? ;)

Have a wonderful weekend friends! 

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i love sparkles.

My nails right now. So pretty, huh?

OPI - Traffic Stopper Copper

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my 11 make-up essentials.

I have been asked what my go-to make-up products are, so I decided to do a little post/video about them. These are MY essential make-up products. For the everyday person, probably not all of them are essential. But I live on shimmer and sparkle, so I bring it into my make-up. 

Watch this. 

The products I mentioned in that video were...
PoreFessional Primer - Benefit
Some Kind of Gorgeous Concealer - Benefit
Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer - Benefit
Bronzed and Beautiful Bronzing Palette - Too Faced
Benetint Blush - Benefit
Watts Up! Highlighter - Benefit
Eyelash Curler - Not sure...
Lots of Lashes Mascara - Great Lash
Customizable Palette - Inglot
Nude Lipstick - Pink Suede 150 - Barry M
Red Lipstick - Swank - Tarte
Shimmer Pigment - VS - Stardust
Rose Lip Salve - Bath and Body Works

What are your essential beauty products? What do you use everyday?

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meet nichelle + a giveaway!

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But, mainly my blog, is about sharing who you are, and loving the "crazy" that we each have.
I belive that everyone should LOVE themselves. Even if they are a "wanna bee".
Sometimes, its okay to be silly, it's okay to be you!
Because YOU are fabulous!

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pretty vs. hot.

I was recently referred to a very interesting article by my English teacher. The article talked about the  "Death of Pretty", and it got me thinking. 

But first. Read it. So you understand where I am coming from. 

Now for those of you underachievers out there, I'll give you a little summery. Basically the article is saying that the new generations of girls aren't trying to be "pretty" anymore, but "hot". In other words instead of flaunting their natural beauty, they are flaunting their boobs (or booty, legs, whatever). 

I think that this is so true. How many times to you walk around and see those girls that have super low cut shirts and super short, short, shorts?

I mean, I'm not going to lie, I wear low-cut shirts. But I have no boobs, like, no cleavage or anything so I can pull it off relatively, and the shirts aren't that low. And I do love me some short shorts, but never shorts that show the bottom of my butt cheeks. 

I believe that you can pull of hot, the same time you are pulling off pretty. 

You know what I mean? It isn't a horrible thing to dress hot once and awhile. It's natural to want others to look at you and envy you. But there are certain extremes. You don't want to do that every day. 

We lose site of pretty. We take pretty for granted. 

Those pretty brown eyes, the pretty freckles on your face, the lovely porcelain skin, the things that people hate about themselves are actually the prettiest features on them. And people try to cover those brown eyes with contacts, hide those freckles with concealer, and get rid of that porcelain skin by tanning. 

Do you guys not understand that you are beautiful? Do you understand that you are more beautiful as an individual rather than conforming to be societies version of "hot"? 

Why do you want to be hot? Is it to get that guy you see walking down the hallway? Is it to make that girl jealous? Sure, strive to be hot. But understand this, if you flaunt your natural beauty you will have much better attention. 

Remember that. 

You are beautiful. 
Every single one of you.

Even if you don't think so, even if others have made remarks about your looks, whether it is about weight, height, or like for me your "pig nose" , know that those who are saying those things are the ones who are striving to be "hot". The ones who are worried more about their looks than anything else. They are the jealous ones. The people that are not unique at all. 

Unique is beautiful. Know that you have no flaws. God made you beautiful. 

And everyone can see that, whether you want to believe it or not. 

Photo's from Pinterest & Weheartit.com