face of the day.

And here we are with yet another FOTD. :) 

For the eyes.
I primed them.
Then I put a cream color under my browbone and allll over my lid.
I then took a crease brush and added a dark brown to my outer corner. 
Then to my "inner-outer" corner I added some deep silver.
I put a sparkly creamy/pinky pigment from the tear duct to the center of my lid.
Winged out my eyeliner.
Applied mascara.

For the face.
I primed.
Then added the foundation.
Concealed what needed to be concealed.
Applied bronzer right under my cheekbones to my temple and on the outside of my nose.
Added a rosey blush to the apples of my cheeks.
And added a sparkly champagne highlighter under my eyes above the cheekbones, temples, bridge of nose, and chin.

For the lips. 
I just put on my favorite plum lipstick. :)

And there's the baby girl. :) Isn't she so sweet?


  1. Pretty look. Love your lipstick color.

  2. love your lip colour, and yes baby girl is so precious!!

    love, jamie
    @ jamielechic

  3. Again with another beautiful look! I like how the two are very similar but this one it a little toned down. :) good work!

  4. ahhh I just love red lipstick and braids!!!

  5. Gorgeous. Love the lips.


  6. Great look! The eyeshadows look great and I LOVE that lip color. Could you share what brand/color-name it is?
    - Mandi (www.lifeinbeta.com)

  7. @mandi - the lip color is plum perfect by maybelline - colorsensational! :)

  8. love your make-up!!!you look so fresh and beautiful!!!

    thank you for your lovely comment dear...your blog is amazing...so following you...hope you keep in touch too!!!

    a kiss from the

  9. Cute look, and she is ADORABLE.. :)

  10. You do such a great job on your makeup! And I love how you set up your blog! Did you design it yourself?
    I'm still trying to get mine figured out, so thanks for the comment!! =)

  11. hey jaimi! thanks so much for the compliment! and yes, i did design it myself. believe me, google helps! lol.

  12. I love the eye shadow. I am always playing around with things like that.

  13. the color of your eyes is gorgeous! wow!

  14. love this look, you have beautiful skin :)


  15. you. are. gorgeous. Love the makeup, it's so pretty. If i ever get up early enough to do my makeup I'll have to try this!


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