face of the day - christmas.


Just a quick face of the day. Lemme know if you like it. :)

I decided to go with a bronzy/nude/smokey look. I contoured my cheeks with bronzer and added highlighter to the bridge of my nose, my temples and my chin. My eyes are just a classic smoky eye with gray on the outer corner and a shimmery light cream on the inner corner of my eyes to the middle of my eyes and as a browbone highlighter. The lips are just a matte nude color that blends in with my skin. :)


  1. seriously rach, you are so adorable! what mascara do you use? please answer me in a comment on my blog! thanks. :)


    p.s. who's the guy?!? ;)

  2. Way too cute! And I love that last picture, the one of you and your man :))

  3. Gorgeous makeup! Although you are a natural beauty..obviously:)

  4. Very pretty. I actually have a makeup blog, if you'd like to check it out sometime:


  5. love this look! ive been trying to find a nice matte nude lip colour but have yet to find one.. any suggestions? :)

  6. the eye make-up is perfect, I wish I could do my eyes like this but it never seems to work! you should put a step by step tutorial on here to enlighten people like me!

    Sophie x

  7. WOO! love the eyes so much, they are so dramatic, i dont know if i could pull those off, but you do it stunningly!

  8. you look incredibly beautimus! as always! :)


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