my 11 make-up essentials.

I have been asked what my go-to make-up products are, so I decided to do a little post/video about them. These are MY essential make-up products. For the everyday person, probably not all of them are essential. But I live on shimmer and sparkle, so I bring it into my make-up. 

Watch this. 

The products I mentioned in that video were...
PoreFessional Primer - Benefit
Some Kind of Gorgeous Concealer - Benefit
Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer - Benefit
Bronzed and Beautiful Bronzing Palette - Too Faced
Benetint Blush - Benefit
Watts Up! Highlighter - Benefit
Eyelash Curler - Not sure...
Lots of Lashes Mascara - Great Lash
Customizable Palette - Inglot
Nude Lipstick - Pink Suede 150 - Barry M
Red Lipstick - Swank - Tarte
Shimmer Pigment - VS - Stardust
Rose Lip Salve - Bath and Body Works

What are your essential beauty products? What do you use everyday?

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  1. I love that Great Lash mascara! Makes my lashes look extra long :)

    Nadine-Adele x freebird.

  2. Soo cool! I just saw that the pink and green mascara you have is the SAME kind I have!!! Awesome. Now all I need is to get an eyelash curler.... are they hard to use?!?! Maybe you could do a post/tutorial on how to use an eyelash curler??? That would be GRRREAT! :)


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  4. Lovely blog dear!

  5. your blogs so cute. I am new :) thanks for the comment.

  6. I use the rose salve lip balm and loveee it.

    Cute video, you're gorgeous



  7. Great products, I definitely love them all! I absolutely love benefit products!
    & Great Lash mascara is fantastic and so inexpensive!

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, love your blog!
    I am now following you, follow me back? x

    The Urban Umbrella

  8. I recently bought pink suede and love it! Great blog, looking forward to following you xx


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