Thinspiration Crap.

Okay, another rant from yours truly.

I don't know if you guys have came across any of these blogs. But, let me tell you a little something about them. They are blogs that track how much a certain person eats and how much they work off. Then there are pictures of models at an unhealthy weight to "thinspire" the readers into not eating. I was even reading some of the comments and they said something about making sure you only eat 500 calories a day and to keep up the good work!

 Not only have I seen it here on the world wide web, but I also see how girls are trying to lose weight at my school when they are already beautiful in their own skin! What is the point in eating only crackers for a day? How can you be happy if you eat just crackers and celery?

Ugh, but here are some of those pictures on that thinspiration blog.

Here are some of the pictures that were on some of those blogs. 

Is it just me, or are these people kind of loco? Lol. I don't think that being THAT skinny actually looks good. And, I highly doubt that guys do either. You know what they say, you need some cushion for the pushin'. ;) But, these girls are truly beautiful, but they really need to know that being skinny doesn't make a person beautiful, and I think that's what they think. I mean, look at these beautiful, full figured women.

See? I think that these curve-a-luscious babes look so much better than some the skeletons that girls are trying to be.

What do you think?


Birfffday time, baby.

Okay, I promised you guys that you would see my birthday/Easter...so here goes! 

My beautiful birthday cake. :) (The ribbons are chocolate!)

Photo-op with Big Mamma

Yes, they do make hats for Easter eggs.


Whatta cutie.

Now, on to the gifts!

This is a knife, spoon, and fork all in one. I call it a Knoork.

A Vera Bradly Planner, so so cute.

An Umbra Grass Organizer + some new make up brushes!

Maxi Dress! :)
A Jewelry Holder from Umbra as well, it's so cute.

Oh! And another GREAT thing that happened to me this weekend is that I won a Melie Bianco bag!! :) So, I'll just add that as a birthday gift. :)

Overall I had a absolutely wonderful weekend! A great birthday and a great Easter, but I think I might have gained a couple of pounds. ;) How was your guys' Easters?


Easter Babies. :)

Hey guys! Just a super quick post to let you know what is going on! First off, I just want to thank everyone for visiting my blog! I have almost 80 followers! It really brightens my day to see people are actually somewhat interested in what I write, so thanks!

Also, I am going to post a few cute pictures of baby animals to brighten your day, because what says Easter better than baby animals? ;)
He's seepin'. :)

Good Morning!

Oh! And PS: I will post probably on Sunday or Monday about what I got for my birthday! Because I know you are all soooo interested. ;)

Have a GREAT Easter! :)


This was a legit conversation with my mother. Hahahah.

My 9 Fashion Pet Peeves

CAUTION: Snarky, sarcastic comments ahead.

Here is another one of my pet peeves, yes I know, I do have quite a bit (Here's my make-up one, lol). But who doesn't? Lol. Any way, I thought I would post something about what trends never looked good and never will. (In my opinion) If you guys would like to tell me what trends you could live without I would love to see those too! :)

1. First off, thongs. Well, thongs above pants. I mean, I'm sure some hormonal teenage guys don't mind getting to see a G-String peak out every once and awhile, but when it happens all the time...well...I'm sure you know what I am meaning to say. ;)

2. Shoulder Pads. Why yes, yes I would like to resemble a linebacker when I wear an otherwise feminine dress. Thank you.

3. Platform, well, anything. Self conscious about your height? Well, these babies can help you with that insecurity. But they might also contribute to a new, style-relatable, one.

4. Deep V-neck T-shirts. Well for guys anyway. Sorry, but I don't want to see your man-cleavage, no matter how defined your pecks actually are. Sorry.

5. Bling. You know the saying, "Worth you're weight in gold", well...you took that saying way too literally.

6. Crocs. I personally think that these shoes should only be worn for gardening, or in muddy, rainy weather. (At least the original ones, the newer ones they are coming out with are actually kind of cute!)

7. Velvet Track Suits. Uh, yea... about that.

8. Ed Hardy. Can you say trashy? Trashy.

  9. And lastly, those Ionic Nerd Glasses.  I mean, I'm all for unleashing your inner nerd. But, I just don't understand this trend. Like at all. Lol.

If you are offended, I apologize. If you disagree, leave me a comment as to why. If you have anything to add, I would LOVE to hear about it.

Have a great weekend! :)

Cutest Baby, EVER.

Hey! I just thought I would do a post about my baby. :)
Well, it's really not my baby but, that's what I call her. So, since she is so cute and I got permission from her mommy, I am going to share the cuteness with you guys! So here is babbbbyyyy. :)

This video is of when she just got up, which explains the outrageous afro. Lol. But she's still adorable. :)

Have a great weekend!