My 9 Fashion Pet Peeves

CAUTION: Snarky, sarcastic comments ahead.

Here is another one of my pet peeves, yes I know, I do have quite a bit (Here's my make-up one, lol). But who doesn't? Lol. Any way, I thought I would post something about what trends never looked good and never will. (In my opinion) If you guys would like to tell me what trends you could live without I would love to see those too! :)

1. First off, thongs. Well, thongs above pants. I mean, I'm sure some hormonal teenage guys don't mind getting to see a G-String peak out every once and awhile, but when it happens all the time...well...I'm sure you know what I am meaning to say. ;)

2. Shoulder Pads. Why yes, yes I would like to resemble a linebacker when I wear an otherwise feminine dress. Thank you.

3. Platform, well, anything. Self conscious about your height? Well, these babies can help you with that insecurity. But they might also contribute to a new, style-relatable, one.

4. Deep V-neck T-shirts. Well for guys anyway. Sorry, but I don't want to see your man-cleavage, no matter how defined your pecks actually are. Sorry.

5. Bling. You know the saying, "Worth you're weight in gold", well...you took that saying way too literally.

6. Crocs. I personally think that these shoes should only be worn for gardening, or in muddy, rainy weather. (At least the original ones, the newer ones they are coming out with are actually kind of cute!)

7. Velvet Track Suits. Uh, yea... about that.

8. Ed Hardy. Can you say trashy? Trashy.

  9. And lastly, those Ionic Nerd Glasses.  I mean, I'm all for unleashing your inner nerd. But, I just don't understand this trend. Like at all. Lol.

If you are offended, I apologize. If you disagree, leave me a comment as to why. If you have anything to add, I would LOVE to hear about it.

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. this post is cute lol... i like your blog...

    i subbed to it, will you follow me?

    xoxo m

  2. Hahahaha loved this post! Following you!


  3. Thank you for visiting my blog! I had to swing by and have a look. I like your sense of humour and the fact you're willing to have people disagree with you. I think debate is great as long as it always stays respectful. I liked the list but have to confess I have a pair of velour sweatpants that I love wearing in winter because they're so comfy and cosy. Unfashionable and probably highly unflattering but because I'm cold I don't care ;) Now do you mind if I follow along. I think I have lots to learn from you. x

  4. Your blog is funny..:) it made me smile. Keep writing!

  5. hahaha love your blog, the thong picture cracks me up, i remember when this fad waas going on...it was nuts! Now following you, follow me back! xox

  6. YES i M not the only one , omg i can't imagine that there is someone who thinks like me , you know what you are my BFF.

  7. Hahah I love this post.

    Definitely agree on the geek glasses, thongs, and well - everything else!

    Especially the man cleavage. I've seen so many weedy pale indie boys wearing deep V neck t-shirts to show off that one stray chest hair... Eugh!


    :-) xo

  8. You're totally right.
    Great post! :)
    But I do think that shoulder pads and platforms can look good, you just have to know how to wear them!

  9. Hi, just popped in...
    I quite like crocs, although I've never had any.
    Velvet tracksuits are great as slop around the huse pyjamas, but I garee with everything else. Although the thongs themselves aren't the problem so much as the very, very, low rise jeans.

  10. Hahaha I fully agree with all of these things! and this made me laugh, so definitely following.
    Thankyou for the sweet comment! xo

  11. Thanks for your lovely comment :)
    But uh oh I am guilty of slubbing around in my velour juicy tracksuit from time to time haha ;)


  12. Hahahahahaha I don't agree with all of them but I still think their funny, especially the first one. A friend and I went through this incident a couple of week ago. But the worst part was that there was no thong showing off. Actually there was NOTHING showing. So gross!

  13. definitely agree with a lot of these. strong opinions, i like that! i am very much the same way :) good post!

  14. haha great blog dear!

    i hate ed hardy..so ugly :DD

    i follow you now..maybe you follow back :)


  15. Nice blog ! Thanks for your nice comment !


  16. Platforms to that extreme might be a little tasteless, but a nice 1" platform on a pair of heels can make them so much more comfortable to wear!

    My fashion peeves include jeans with holes, white sneakers, and being overtly matchy.

    Chic on the Cheap

  17. haha i love this, i agree with your pet peeves, there are so many ridiculous fads that people think they HAVE to follow!
    thank you for your lovely comment, now following :)

  18. Absolutely agree with EVERYTHING!!!
    but above all the nerd glasses!!
    I believe only people who use them as accessories and not as a needed tool would really choose that awful and heavy shape!

  19. Hi there, thanks for your great comment on my blog. I really like this post u did haha :D I agree with everything ;)
    I'm following u now, will u follow back?
    xoxo Eva


  20. Agree with you on most of these. :D But I think Ed Hardy is not to blame, it's how you wear it. I have Ed Hardy shoes and jeans that doesn't yell "ED HARDY". :D And I Hardly never combine them. :D

    Don't you think those thongs are sexxxay? :D LOL, just kidding!

    Definitely follow you dear! Hope you can follow me back! :)


  21. hello~ thanks for visiting my blog :) You have such a cute blog and I agree with some of your pet peeves, especially the first one with girls showing their thongs lol!

  22. too funny! i am always horrified when i realize my jeans have slouched a little too low. so embarressing! obviously not for these girls though.

  23. Ri mto com algumas coisas !
    Obrigada pela visita

  24. I agree with you with all of that, especially crocs!
    Nice Blog:)

    Follow me? I'm your newest follower.

  25. thank you for your sweet comment on doasbg.blogspot.com

    You have an amazing blog too..
    love reading your posts
    this one in particular

    about the platform, i actually love them...
    well not the ones you pictured above.. lol normal ones that you can see on my blog..
    I'm almost 5.9 but i wear them so i look super tall lol..
    i also like shoulder pads, but in blazers and coats, not too heavy ones, i think they give an edge to the outfit if paired with some killer shoes..

    My pet peeve with fashion will have to be fanny packs, i see rhianna trying to bring them back, but i just hate them, they might be handy but they are fanny packs.. lol


  26. That is the sweetest compliment ever. :D :D Thank you ever so much. I'm following your blog too xx

  27. thank you!

    i follow you dear! follow me back if you want!


  28. lol totally agree on most... hate JuiCy bootie lol, Pleaser platforms ugghhh... but I love my nerdie nerd glasses!!

  29. This made me laugh haha, totally agree with 2, 4, and 6!

  30. I agree with all of these, although sometimes a little bit of shoulder pad can be okay :)

  31. I agree with all of these except the shoes. Also I confess I wore crocs when I was in Orlando but I still believe my feet would have fallen off if I hadn't!

    I also think that Madonna should just be banned. Altogether.
    Love your blog! x

  32. This definitely made me laugh. I HATE when girls are showing their thongs. There's a girl / woman I work with who is in her thirties and her G-string is always showing at work!

    But I have to disagree with you about deep-V t-shirts. I love my man in them, in fact I order the American Apparel ones so I can ogle him. :)

  33. Awesome post; I definitely agree about the nerd glasses. I've seen girls who popped out the lenses of 3D glasses to wear the frames. It's funny because I remember when people back then were constantly saying things like "Ohh, four eyes!"

  34. Hey, I just found your blog and I blooming love it! New follower here :) x

  35. I love this post! i love platforms though, lovelovelove them.

    I feel like one color velour tracksuits are for 45 year old women who fake tan, workout and have to get their nails done every week. They also try to wear their 13 year old daughters jeans out in public..

    But those are just my own personal thoughts :)

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

  36. Your damn right!


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