Awkward Turtle. :p

Okay, you all have them. Whether or not we admit we have them is a different story. You know what I am talking about. Those awkward moments that everyone has. Or maybe my life is just overly awkward...which could possibly be the case. You tell me. I compiled a list of awkward things that I believe happen to everyone. Please tell me if I'm the only one here... ;)

1. Going to the bathroom and not having any toilet paper. - You sit down, do your business and notice...whoops...no toilet paper, oh and there is no one there to lend me any...great...

2. For the women, when your bra unclasps in public for no apparent reason. OH MY GOSH.

3. Parking on the wrong side of the gas station, then turning the car around to realize you are still on the wrong side. This happens to me quite often, I really don't understand why...because I use the same gas station almost every time. Will I ever learn? Probably not. Curse my air-headed-ness. :/

4. You go into a school/store stall and it stinks, but you can't leave because there are people in there waiting in line. So, you get done...and everyone thinks that YOU are the one who stunk up the place. I absolutely LOVE it when it happens to me.

5. Sitting next to someone you find attractive while watching a sex scene in a movie or when you are on a date with a new guy...yea...awkward.

6. Watching a sex scene from a movie with your parents. WARNING: Never watch Get 'em to the Greek, Hot Tub Time Machine, or My Bloody Valentine with your parents. Ever.

7. Walking in on someone in the bathroom.

8. Going to grab the last item on the shelf, then someone else gets it before you. Grrr, whores.

9. Forgetting someone’s name who you have known for like ever.

10. Calling someone by the wrong name. Phil - Doug - Bob, oh? Hunter? My bad...

11. Surprise ads with half naked women and/or men in a public area.

12. Going to pay and realize you forgot your money.

13. Getting caught staring at someone.

14. Forgetting your spanks at an away game and having to flip. Ohh cheerleading. - Shout out to my homegirl!

15. When you are talking to someone and they walk right past you.

16. When you see someone waving in your direction, and then you wave back, only to realize they were waving at the person behind you. :/

17. Going into the opposite sexes bathroom. And someone walks in. Kill me.

18. When you’re eating and someone is trying to talk to you, and it takes forever for you to chew the rest of your food.

19. When you walk out of a store and can’t remember where you parked, so you wander around looking for it for about an hour.

So, to close this awkward post...I will show you some awkward photo's that I found online. Enjoy. :)


  1. thanks for your comment! i thought this post was hysterical, as my drama students and i talk about many of these constantly (esp. #16!) your blog is very fun and has variety, i plan on keeping up with it in the future!

  2. hahaha i absolutely loved this one, rach! haha i was cracking up the entire time! my favorites were 3, 17, and 14 (haha whooops!) but they were all very true, and oh-so awkward :) keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks Rach for stopping by and inviting me to your blog!!! Love this post I definetely have a few that I have experience on this list!!! lol!!!
    About the opinion: Just be yourself and talk about stuff you really enjoy!!


  4. hahaha those pictures kill me!!! so funny.

  5. Haha This is so funny, thanks for the compliment on my blog!! :)

  6. LOL Daniel Tosh is great at picking on awkward moments. This post takes a page straight from his book :)

  7. lol your blog is to funny!!!

    loving it ... please feel free to check out my blog....
    ... http://euqinom7.blogspot.com/

  8. hahahahaahhaa totally! Watching a sex scene from a movie with your parents. omg. i hate when im watching a chick flick with my mom and a sex scene shows up! HAHAAHAH omg

  9. Haha your blog is awesome, started following :) And thanks for your comment btw, it made my day !

  10. rofl! this was too funny I was laughing to myself. To name a few numbers 15 13 12 7 and 1 have happened to me haha


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