So...Many...Dresses.... :/

It's prom time; a time for tans, cleavage, and sequins or as the ladies of Jersey Shore call it, the every day of the week.

So, let me tell you guys something about prom...

You are alllllll making a HUGE deal about it, so...I decided I would post about it. Dresses that ALL of you should look out for. Maybe you can pull them off if you look like Carrie Underwood, but it'll be hard for most girls. So here goes...

White Dresses - Okay guys, this isn't a wedding. Yes, I know they are just "Soooooooo pretty!", but honestly it looks like you are on your way to your wedding when you are walking through promenade. Sorry. :/

Teared Dresses - Okay, this one is a BIG no no. I mean, it just makes you look bigger than you actually are. I really don't think anything teared looks good on anyone, well, unless you are trying to hide a serious baby bump.

Shaw Dresses - It looks like you are wearing a swimsuit cover-up or something. I'm just not a big fan of a cap-like thing flying in the air when you are walking... Well, maybe you want to be like super woman? ;)

Weird Halter Gowns - Okay, this type of neckline just makes boobs look weird. Maybe a girl like myself with little boobies can make it work. But usually big boobs just look weird in this type of dress. If you want to look hot and have anything over a B-cup....I suggest you don't pick a dress like this one.

Spaghetti Straps - Spaghetti straps just remind my of the nineties. It's 2011, let's try to go with something a little more in this generation.
Ho-ish Peasant Dresses - Okay, c'mon. Do I really need to explain this? How does this even count as a prom dress, it looks like some sort of medieval lingerie. :/

BUT - Don't get me wrong, some of these dresses still look good on certain body-types but more than less they don't.


  1. Great selection!!!Love them all!

  2. You're so right bout these, but white dresses can look great if they're not poofy, frilly, and weddingy. I think simple sleek white dresses can be gorgeous for prom!


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