The Secret to a Successful Relationship

I know I am young and you are probably thinking "What does this girl know about successful relationships". But I honestly think I know a lot. I wouldn't be with the same guy since freshman year if I didn't. So, I compiled a list of ten things to help out a relationship. Enjoy! And if you guys have anything to add I would love to know! :)

1.) Commitment: If you don't think that this is a big deal then, you're just not into him. ;) If he wants an “open relationship” him and his penis can look somewhere else.

2) Be honest, absolutely NO lieing. Okay, if you are a guy and you do this. Be warned. We ALWAYS find out. We have this little sensor in our brain that goes off when our significant other lies to us. Be prepared for the consequences.

3) Don’t be a (insert dirty name for a cat here): Seriously, I see guys like this all the time. Quit being an over dramatic drama queen an act like a man! We need guys that can protect us and stand up for us. Not someone who watches other people walk all over us. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for guys to show emotions and cry at a terrible situation, I actually think that’s good for guys to show that. But too much crying could be a bad thing.

4) No drugs: Drugs just make people stupid, and frankly I don't want a stupid boyfriend. Plain and simple. I also wouldn't enjoy having to go to jail to see him. Big no no.

5) My Family: My family are the people who inspire me and influence me the most. I care about what they think and I listen (for the most part) at what they say. If they don't like my boyfriend then that boyfriend would have to go. Luckily that has never happened, and I hope that it won't. But you must like a girls family and the girls family must like you.

6) My friends: You have to get along with my friends. They were here before you and they know me just as much as you do. It's the way it is.

7) Having fun: Fun is the BIGGEST part in a relationship, why date if it isn't fun? Go out for a movie, laser tag, grab a bite to eat, swim, a picnic. Anything! Don't just sit at home on your butt all the time. Have fun and enjoy each others presence.

8) Communication: This is also really big. I guarantee that your relationship won't work out if you don't talk through things. I know my boyfriend gets annoyed when I keep fishing for answers and I don't leave him alone. But I need to know what he is thinking, I need to know what's going on inside of his head. If you are having an argument you HAVE to talk it out.

9) Never go to bed mad: You can't go to bed thinking about something your significant other did wrong or you did wrong. You can't go to bed feeling hurt or keeping something in. This is a big key to a successful relationship. You have go to bed happy about your relationship so you can wake up being happy about your relationship.

10) Something nice: Do something nice for each other, whether it's a present or just complimenting each other. You need some kind of flattery in a relationship. Make the other person feel wanted and loved.


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  11. great and cool tips to follow. Having a successful relationship takes a lot of hard work and commitment from both party. I would also have to say that faithfulness and respect are among the most essentials to an harmonious and lasting relationship


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