9 things YOU should give up.

Today is Ash Wednesday, and it is time for everyone to make sacrifices for our beloved, Jesus.

So, I was thinking...what should I give up. I got request such as my nail-polish. Oh how strong I would be if I could do that, but I don't think I could. So I am thinking about taking up a healthier alternative. I'm not going to give up anything, I am going to try to do something. Drink two liters of water everyday. Hopefully that works out.

BUT -- if you guys are having as much trouble as I am in making a decision on what to give up for lent. I composed a little list. Hope this helps. :)

Junk Food - Just hold out until Easter for your next sugar fix. Plus sugar kills your skin.

Alcohol -  If nothing else, your liver will thank you for this much needed detox. :)

Pop - Yea, that's right, I said it. 

Homework - Okay, okay...maybe just don't stress out about it as much.

Facebook - Stop stalking your fellow students and talk to them in person.
Shopping - You still have to recover from Christmas.

Swearing - Sure, God loves you no matter what, but I'm sure he'll love you a little more if you stop using his name in vain.

Tanning -  If it's not for you saving yourself from Melanoma...Fake 'n Baking was so February.

Your Sense of Entitlement - Check your egos for the next forty days and forty nights - it's what Jesus would do.

Oh! And PS: Thank you all for following me, I love your advice and thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog! It is greatly appreciated! :)


  1. So many of my friends tried and failed to give up facebook haha, fully addicted.



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