My 8 Make-Up Pet Peeves

Time for a rant.

     I am definitely a make-up girl, and any of you that know me already know this. I love cosmetics and anything dealing with beauty, but defiantly the make-up part of it. So, I am very picky when it comes to doing my make-up and it definitely irritates me when someone did something sloppy or wrong. So here are some of my pet peeves that I see on a daily basis that people need to fix. Here it goes...

1. Lipstick on teeth - I see this one mostly one people that are 70+, which is understandable, I'm sure they really can't see where they are putting their lipstick to begin with. But when I see younger people with it, i think "Did you look at yourself before you left?". It just looks silly, so when wearing lipstick, make sure it's on the actual LIPS. ;)

2. Caked foundation - Oh my gosh, at my high school their are so many girls that do not know how to apply foundation. lol. I mean, I was a victim of this back in Jr. High but that was because no one ever taught me how to apply my make-up. So, for those of you who walk around school looking like your face is a totally different color than your neck...BLEND. Blend down towards your collar bone so it doesn't look so, fake. lol.

3. Over bronzed - Snooki might have made it famous, but she is the only one that makes it work. Too much bronze is never a good thing, let your true color show whether you are a ivory color or an olive color, each color is beautiful in itself. Don't overly bronze...please.

4. Two-tone eyeshadow - Okay, this is probably one of the eyeshadow looks that get done wrong ALL of the time. I'm all for different colors at once, but the thing I really hate is when girls have half of their lid one color and the other half another. No blending or anything. News flash, your eye looks like an Indonesian flag.

5. Mascara on eyelid - When this happens to me I make sure to take off my eyeshadow and start over because it just looks tacky with mascara marks all over your eyelid. Yes it is a hassle, but it has to be done. lol.

6. Too much mascara - You all have seen that girl with 1cm lashes. Big clumps of black. Spidery, nastiness. Not a good look.

7. Too much eyeliner - I went through a phase back in Jr. High where I though eyeliner made me look older and attracted the boys. I was so wrong. It's never good to look like a raccoon. And it definitely does not make you look older. I can't believe I actually thought it did. Let your eyes be seen, don't cover them with an inch of black eyeliner.

8. Too much highlighter - I personally love highlighter, but too much is not good. You just look like a shiny faced manican. Make sure to just use it on your temples, cheek bones, forehead and bridge of your nose.


  1. I agree will all of this!! :)

    http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com/ xxx

  2. I know, so aggrivating! By the way, great blog. Follow me?

  3. i agree with them all, especially caked bronzer! xx

  4. haha love it!

    LOVE your blog & I subscribed!

    Check out mine if you ever get a chance :)


  5. amazing post :) if you want we can follow each other :D

  6. I agree with this! I see so many girls with mascara in their eye lids it would only take a few seconds to take it off.

  7. nice blog!
    maybe you can visit and follow mine too? :)


  8. Thanks for your comment ! Your blog is so funny, I know what you talking about over bronzed, they look so ridiculous !

    xo Naomi

  9. Two tone eyeshadow is the worst thing ever! Blend people! Blend!

  10. I look ridiculous with overbronzing or overhighlighting so its definitely noticeable!

  11. lol indonesian flag <3 seriously not blending is my biggest pet peeve too.



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