Okay guys, in honor of spring officially starting, here is a post about all things spring. And my top 9 things that I LOVE about spring. :) Here we go...

PASTEL NAIL POLISH! - My absolute FAVORITE color of nail polish, the only bad thing is that you can only really wear it when it is in season. Maybe I am just too picky with my nail polish, but that's just the way I am. Currently I am wearing a really pretty lavender color from O.P.I. (Rumples Wiggin') It's probably one of the best colors that O.P.I has. BUT - I still have yet to try that shatter, so once I try that I might find out if it is still my favorite. :)

Babies! - Okay, we have chickens and my chickens are poppin' out eggs like CRAZY. I think I am going to hide and incubator or something and smuggle some eggs so they will turn in to cute little chickies. :) Also, we have this huge cat...she is fluffy and big and cute. Her name is Big Mamma, and I think she is about to be a real mama. :) I love baby kittens.

Sun - I can actually wake up and it is light outside. Do you know how AWESOME that feels? It just makes me happy and...oh my gosh. Probably one of the best feelings in the world. :) And I don't have to drive to school with frost on my window because the sun melts it off. :p

Shorts - The season of short shorts. My absolute favorite type of clothing. See, for me I am vertically impaired, so short shorts aren't as risque as they are for girls with long legs. It just seems like they were made for my body type, and I definitely embrace that. I have have to make sure I dodge the dress code police during school. No worries, though. I'm a pro. ;)

Razorback Tanks - I have not met one person who doesn't like razorbacks. They are so flattering and low-key sexy in a way. It shows off your back and your arms. Perfect for the season.

Easter - I love Easter, it's probably my favorite holiday. Just the whole atmosphere and being with family and all of the church things going on. Helping little kids hunt for eggs, and looking for my own basket (yes, I still have to find my Easter basket, be jealous.) filled with candy...or hair products and make-up (my mom knows me so well).

My birthday! - My birthday this year is actually the day before Easter. So my family is going to throw me a Easter/17th birthday party. It should be fun. :)

Outside Jogs - It's finally nice out to go for runs and enjoy the beautiful weather! Feel good and look good, I'm all for that. :p


Prom - Actually, I'm not entirely sure if I am excited for prom or annoyed. I think it's both. Just all the talk of dresses and blah, blah, blah-ty, blah. I guess I am all promed out. Oh well, haha it'll still be a good time and my man and I are going to look smokin'. ;)

What do you guys enjoy about this happy season?


  1. thank you so much for your wonderful comment<3
    im helping my sister and my sister in law with their prom dresses.lol and it very hectic to pick out the perfect prom dress. good luck :}

  2. thank you for entering my giveaway! and i'm soo into the pastel lavender polish too! ;)

  3. I love OPI nail polishes and Essie... i MUST NOW get this shade Rumples Wiggin' I hope is not limited edition is it ???

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