♥ nails.

I was surfing the web and I found this on one of the blogs that I read on occasion. Well, I found it interesting because everyone that actually had polish on in the room I was in fit their personality. So I thought I would share it with you guys!

REDS- Bold, confident, take charge.
MAROONS- Feminine, not flashy.
HOT PINKS- Stand out, likes attention, spunky, youthful.
PALE PINKS- Soft, feminine, sophisticated.
BLACK- Rebel, likes attention.
NAVY BLUE- Authority, chic.
BRIGHT BLUE- Youthful, playful.
DEEP BROWNS- Authority.
LIGHT BROWNS- Youthful, down to earth.
DARK PURPLE- Confident.
LAVENDER- Graceful, feminine, youthful.
FRENCH MANICURE- Professional, sophisticated.

Yea, I probably wear every color of these within a month, but I just thought it was interesting. I am wearing this teal-ish color so I put that in the bright blue category...which makes me youthful and playful. Which is totally true. ;)

What do your nails say about you?


  1. Hi Rachel! I saw your comment and quickly dashed over to your site, you've come a long way for being new to the blog world! :) I love the background and you seem to cover quite a bit of topics, which I love. My only suggestion would be to shorten your header because it looks like it is actually the blog post body until you scroll down further. Also there are a few things that stick out to me like <$BlogItemBody$> underneath the header, might wanna check those out. Overall you look like you are really gaining a voice and I can't wait to read more!

    Thanks again for the sweet comment and welcome to blogland. I'm your newest follower!

    xoxo rachel wright

  2. What a lovely blog! I agree with Rachel in that you may need to work on your blog header-prob just a code issue. Other than that,you have interesting posts and lots to talk about. I love the make-up post and hope I don't fall into one of those categories! :)

    I look forward to hearing more from you and will def become a follower! Thanks for your comment, it def brightened my day!

    My nails right now are grayish-purple. I wonder what that says about me?!

    Good luck friend!

  3. thank you guys so much! your opinion really matters. and i'm changing the header ASAP. thanks for letting me know, i think the computer did something a little messed up!

    thanks again! :)


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