And with lipstick comes dry chapped lips and trying to figure out how to actually wear it. 

Well here is my go-to guide for perfecting the art of lipstick-ing. 

1ST: Get a toothbrush and brush those lips! Yes, I said lips. It will exfoliate and smooth them out making them the perfect texture to apply lipstick on. And it will help the lipstick stay on longer. 

2ND: Find a kickbutt (no cursing on this blog, sorry) lip stain (or make one). I personally love the covergirl ones, but if you find one you like, stick with it! Liberally apply that stain so it'll keep you covered if your lipstick does come off. Also, make sure it kind of fits with the color of lipstick you are applying so you don't end up with a wierd color at the end.

3RD: Line your lips. Go a little under the bottom lip and a little over the tip lip to make your lips seem more voluptuous. But you don't have to go all Kylie Jenner, just to make your pout a little more pouty. 

4TH: Add the lip stick. Add around 3 coats until you know it is SET. 

5TH: Rock that lipstick girl. Whether you are going to class or out on the town, you work it. Lip stick has been proven to increase the confidence in many ladies, so why not you? 

What are your favorite lipstick tips?


fall food porn.

 Lets face it, fall is probably the best season out there. The sweaters, the colorful leaves, the crisp air, and... most importantly... the fall food. So, for your pleasure I have compiled some wonderfully artistic pictures of the best fall foods (and drinks) out there. Enjoy.

What is your favorite fall treat?



pumpkin pie shots.

Hi lovelies!

So, as you can see from the previous post, we just celebrated homecoming at my school. And let me tell you, it was great! 

With that said, a TON of food was made. As well as with some cute, fall-y drinks!

One of the drinks was a HUGE hit so I thought I would share it with you folks!

They are called pumpkin pie shots. 

3/4 cup milk. 
3/4 cup Rumchata.
1 tub of cool whip. 
1 small package of pumpkin spice pudding mix. 

Just whisk together the milk, Rumchata, and pudding mix while slowly adding the cool whip. 
Then sit it in the fridge until it becomes thickened to the wanted consistency.

Add some graham crackers around the rim and top with whipped cream to make it a little cuter and more tastier if you'd like. 

Wa-lah! It's done! 

It is the perfect little fall treat and absolutely delicious! 

Let me know what you guys think!