how to wear a blanket scarf.

Sorry for the small hiatus folks, I planned on blogging while on Thanksgiving break but there were so many family members to converse with, friends to catch up with, food to be eaten, and deals to catch that I didn't get the chance to focus on the blog. 

But, I'm back! And BOY do I have a treat in store for you. 

As many of you have probably noticed from my instagram and facebook, I have been LOVING blanket scarves lately. I also love small businesses and Etsy. So, when I saw this wonderful company on Etsy, I immediately thought of how much my readers would LOVE her blanket scarves. 

The shop is called Swirling Honey and it features so many beautiful scarves and very affordable prices (all of them are around just 20 dollars!). I was lucky enough to be sent 4 sets of blanket scarves and I love EVERY SINGLE ONE. The quality of these scarves are to die for and they keep you SO warm throughout the entire day. Not to mention they are so cute! 

So I have literally been wearing them everyday. And I've had so many compliments on them, and when I tell people that they are so cheap they immediately are interested in buying them! However, everyone had questions about how to wear them, so I decided that I would provide some small tutorials on different ways to wear these beautiful scarves. 

The Shaw. 

Drape the scarf around your shoulders. 

Grab yourself a big belt. 

Then belt the scarf so it's connected, making a cute shaw/shirt! 

The Classic.

Take your scarf and fold it in half so it looks like a triangle. 

Then take the point of the triangle and make sure it is facing the front, then wrap the arms of the triangle around your neck to the opposite side. 

The Donut. 

Roll the scarf up. 

Wrap it around your neck and tuck the extra part of the scarf under. 

Or just enjoy it as a legit blanket, SO COMFY!

So, now that you know how to wear it, GET OUT THERE AND BUY YOURSELF ON! 

Luckily, my readers are able to use the code SOHI20 for 20% off their order!!

Fun fact: That makes these beautiful, comfy, huge scarves only around $16!! You won't be able to find a deal like this anywhere else, and you are supporting small business! 

What could be better?!

PS: I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.



I don't know about you guys but I have recently been noticing the popularity of the use of bandanna's in every day outfits. 

And I must say, I am not a fan. 

But, I also didn't dig the 90's trends at first and now I am rocking some styles that are 90-esque. So, maybe it'll grow on me. Who knows? 

People are putting bandanna's EVERYWHERE. Their purses, their necks, their hair... using it as a dog collar. The madness! 

Not to mention that bandannas are an extremely affordable. So no wonder people are loving them. 

What do you think of this new (old?) trend? 
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Hi lovelies! 

I have had something hanging over my head for quite some time now so I figured I would take it to my blog to vent about it, because, well, that's what a blog is for, right? 


So, most of you reading this are fellow bloggers like myself. A lot of you also are trying to grow your following (which is totally fine!) by commenting on various blogs and collaborating with brands to get your name out there. You are in the facebook groups, twitter groups, hashtagging on insta, the whole sha-bang. 

And you know what, I do it to. That's what blogging for profit is. If you hate it, go for it. But PLEASE do not hate on me for trying to get a little extra money in my pocket from doing a hobby that I thoroughly ENJOY.

With that said, let me talk to you about an experience I just had yesterday. 

Lately I have been trying to pair up with various Etsy stores simply because I think Etsy is a wonderful thing and it brings normal, every day people into the business world. I would GLADLY buy something from a small business on Etsy than anywhere else because I enjoy supporting small business. 

So I have been surfing around Etsy looking for products and companies that fit in line with not only my style, but your (my readers) style as well. So I find certain companies (literally, I search for companies that I know I will like and I know will fit well with the So, hi brand) and I reach out to them. I tell them my stats, why I am interested, the whole sha-bang to see if they would be potentially interested in collaborating with the blog.

Some of them say yes (which is so great! I have loved everyone I have worked with!) and some of them have said no (Which I totally understand, sometimes companies are over worked or cannot afford to give products away for free). I honestly do not expect every single company I reach out to to say yes. I get it, some people want to collaborate, some don't. It really is no issue, honestly.

Well, I reached out lately to a shop on Etsy that had various Wedding material because I am really interested in doing a featured post with Etsy shops that are geared toward the "wedding" audience. You know why? Because I'm recently engaged, my friends are recently engaged, and a ton of my readers are recently engaged. It makes total sense to me that I would post a wedding post, so why not pair up with various Etsy shops so I can include their products on the post! Well the response I got back was "Please don't spam" and I just thought to myself, is this what these Etsy shops are thinking? When I think of spam I think of a robot copying and pasting to every single comment board/email it can get to. I WROTE the email, I PROVIDED my reasoning as to why I think it would benefit the both of us, and I OFFERED something in exchange for the product. To me that isn't spam. 

What do you think? Was I spamming? It really irked me because I do not want  these wonderful companies I am reaching out to to think that are just any company. I literally look for products that I enjoy, I don't just pick random stores and message them. I pick stores that will fit with the blog. If I was going out emailing every company I thought would send me free things I wouldn't be fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog anymore. I'd be a toddler clothing, food (which I wish I was but the stars are not aligning for that one), fitness, alcohol, sorority, mommy, interior design, and DIY blog.

So there is my rant. If you have experienced this, please let me know what you think. It makes me sad and kind of discourages me to reach out to companies any more, even though I know I am helping their sales and benefiting them as well. 

I like to think of bloggers and small businesses as partners. They need us for advertisement, and honestly, we need them for content. So why not ask for something simple like a product to review in return for a review post? I'm not fudging what I think about these products, I'm HONESTLY telling my readers what I think. 

What is so bad about that? 

Also, to the Etsy shops out there, please do not think that we bloggers are just out there to get free merchandise. We literally are trying to help you guys too. It's a great way to collaborate and it is beneficial for us both. I'm sure there are bloggers out there who are "spamming" but this blog is not one of them. Just give those blogs reaching out to a chance, actually look at their material, and see if you could potentially gain buyers from those blogs. 

I do everything in my power to help these small businesses out. And so many of them appreciate it, I have actually had wonderful successes with all of the shops I have paired up with (and have made wonderful friendships with). WE are REAL people behind these blogs. Just remember that. We are not grubby robots trying to get every thing you have. 

So. Yea. Hit me with your experiences/what you think because I'm sure I'm not the only blogger who has dealt with this.