The Secret to a Successful Relationship

I know I am young and you are probably thinking "What does this girl know about successful relationships". But I honestly think I know a lot. I wouldn't be with the same guy since freshman year if I didn't. So, I compiled a list of ten things to help out a relationship. Enjoy! And if you guys have anything to add I would love to know! :)

1.) Commitment: If you don't think that this is a big deal then, you're just not into him. ;) If he wants an “open relationship” him and his penis can look somewhere else.

2) Be honest, absolutely NO lieing. Okay, if you are a guy and you do this. Be warned. We ALWAYS find out. We have this little sensor in our brain that goes off when our significant other lies to us. Be prepared for the consequences.

3) Don’t be a (insert dirty name for a cat here): Seriously, I see guys like this all the time. Quit being an over dramatic drama queen an act like a man! We need guys that can protect us and stand up for us. Not someone who watches other people walk all over us. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for guys to show emotions and cry at a terrible situation, I actually think that’s good for guys to show that. But too much crying could be a bad thing.

4) No drugs: Drugs just make people stupid, and frankly I don't want a stupid boyfriend. Plain and simple. I also wouldn't enjoy having to go to jail to see him. Big no no.

5) My Family: My family are the people who inspire me and influence me the most. I care about what they think and I listen (for the most part) at what they say. If they don't like my boyfriend then that boyfriend would have to go. Luckily that has never happened, and I hope that it won't. But you must like a girls family and the girls family must like you.

6) My friends: You have to get along with my friends. They were here before you and they know me just as much as you do. It's the way it is.

7) Having fun: Fun is the BIGGEST part in a relationship, why date if it isn't fun? Go out for a movie, laser tag, grab a bite to eat, swim, a picnic. Anything! Don't just sit at home on your butt all the time. Have fun and enjoy each others presence.

8) Communication: This is also really big. I guarantee that your relationship won't work out if you don't talk through things. I know my boyfriend gets annoyed when I keep fishing for answers and I don't leave him alone. But I need to know what he is thinking, I need to know what's going on inside of his head. If you are having an argument you HAVE to talk it out.

9) Never go to bed mad: You can't go to bed thinking about something your significant other did wrong or you did wrong. You can't go to bed feeling hurt or keeping something in. This is a big key to a successful relationship. You have go to bed happy about your relationship so you can wake up being happy about your relationship.

10) Something nice: Do something nice for each other, whether it's a present or just complimenting each other. You need some kind of flattery in a relationship. Make the other person feel wanted and loved.

its my birrrffffday. :)

Well...almost. So, in lue of my 'Birthday' season, I am going to show you what is on my wish list. :p

My flippy camera, I love it. :)
I've been wanting fish lately, some big fat goldy fish, and I want my fish to live the good life, so I am hoping that I get this fish hotel. Isn't it cute?

Instyles Beauty Guide.

Lauren Conrad's Style.

 A puppy. (I probably won't get this, but it's a wish list!)

Crest White Strips. For prom of course, you gotta hot-i-fy yourself. Duh.

AND - Last but definitely not least...Chinese Food.

OH! And since Easter is the day right after my birthday it's an even more eventful weekend! Easter is my favorite Holiday! :)



Okay guys, in honor of spring officially starting, here is a post about all things spring. And my top 9 things that I LOVE about spring. :) Here we go...

PASTEL NAIL POLISH! - My absolute FAVORITE color of nail polish, the only bad thing is that you can only really wear it when it is in season. Maybe I am just too picky with my nail polish, but that's just the way I am. Currently I am wearing a really pretty lavender color from O.P.I. (Rumples Wiggin') It's probably one of the best colors that O.P.I has. BUT - I still have yet to try that shatter, so once I try that I might find out if it is still my favorite. :)

Babies! - Okay, we have chickens and my chickens are poppin' out eggs like CRAZY. I think I am going to hide and incubator or something and smuggle some eggs so they will turn in to cute little chickies. :) Also, we have this huge cat...she is fluffy and big and cute. Her name is Big Mamma, and I think she is about to be a real mama. :) I love baby kittens.

Sun - I can actually wake up and it is light outside. Do you know how AWESOME that feels? It just makes me happy and...oh my gosh. Probably one of the best feelings in the world. :) And I don't have to drive to school with frost on my window because the sun melts it off. :p

Shorts - The season of short shorts. My absolute favorite type of clothing. See, for me I am vertically impaired, so short shorts aren't as risque as they are for girls with long legs. It just seems like they were made for my body type, and I definitely embrace that. I have have to make sure I dodge the dress code police during school. No worries, though. I'm a pro. ;)

Razorback Tanks - I have not met one person who doesn't like razorbacks. They are so flattering and low-key sexy in a way. It shows off your back and your arms. Perfect for the season.

Easter - I love Easter, it's probably my favorite holiday. Just the whole atmosphere and being with family and all of the church things going on. Helping little kids hunt for eggs, and looking for my own basket (yes, I still have to find my Easter basket, be jealous.) filled with candy...or hair products and make-up (my mom knows me so well).

My birthday! - My birthday this year is actually the day before Easter. So my family is going to throw me a Easter/17th birthday party. It should be fun. :)

Outside Jogs - It's finally nice out to go for runs and enjoy the beautiful weather! Feel good and look good, I'm all for that. :p


Prom - Actually, I'm not entirely sure if I am excited for prom or annoyed. I think it's both. Just all the talk of dresses and blah, blah, blah-ty, blah. I guess I am all promed out. Oh well, haha it'll still be a good time and my man and I are going to look smokin'. ;)

What do you guys enjoy about this happy season?


Let's get into shape! :p

Want to get into shape for swim suit season?
I found this while surfing through blogs like I usually do.
Seems easy enough?




9 things YOU should give up.

Today is Ash Wednesday, and it is time for everyone to make sacrifices for our beloved, Jesus.

So, I was thinking...what should I give up. I got request such as my nail-polish. Oh how strong I would be if I could do that, but I don't think I could. So I am thinking about taking up a healthier alternative. I'm not going to give up anything, I am going to try to do something. Drink two liters of water everyday. Hopefully that works out.

BUT -- if you guys are having as much trouble as I am in making a decision on what to give up for lent. I composed a little list. Hope this helps. :)

Junk Food - Just hold out until Easter for your next sugar fix. Plus sugar kills your skin.

Alcohol -  If nothing else, your liver will thank you for this much needed detox. :)

Pop - Yea, that's right, I said it. 

Homework - Okay, okay...maybe just don't stress out about it as much.

Facebook - Stop stalking your fellow students and talk to them in person.
Shopping - You still have to recover from Christmas.

Swearing - Sure, God loves you no matter what, but I'm sure he'll love you a little more if you stop using his name in vain.

Tanning -  If it's not for you saving yourself from Melanoma...Fake 'n Baking was so February.

Your Sense of Entitlement - Check your egos for the next forty days and forty nights - it's what Jesus would do.

Oh! And PS: Thank you all for following me, I love your advice and thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog! It is greatly appreciated! :)


♥ nails.

I was surfing the web and I found this on one of the blogs that I read on occasion. Well, I found it interesting because everyone that actually had polish on in the room I was in fit their personality. So I thought I would share it with you guys!

REDS- Bold, confident, take charge.
MAROONS- Feminine, not flashy.
HOT PINKS- Stand out, likes attention, spunky, youthful.
PALE PINKS- Soft, feminine, sophisticated.
BLACK- Rebel, likes attention.
NAVY BLUE- Authority, chic.
BRIGHT BLUE- Youthful, playful.
DEEP BROWNS- Authority.
LIGHT BROWNS- Youthful, down to earth.
DARK PURPLE- Confident.
LAVENDER- Graceful, feminine, youthful.
FRENCH MANICURE- Professional, sophisticated.

Yea, I probably wear every color of these within a month, but I just thought it was interesting. I am wearing this teal-ish color so I put that in the bright blue category...which makes me youthful and playful. Which is totally true. ;)

What do your nails say about you?



I am addicted.

I officially own 11 pairs of sunglasses. All different styles, colors, and sizes. I can't control myself. I have probably spent 100 dollars at F21 just on sunglasses. I have a problem. But, I will embrace it. Just the other day I bought a pair of blue retro sunglasses for 1.50. They just keep tempting me and I can't control myself! Do you guys have any addictions to retail items?

I guess they are kind of a good addiction, right? I mean they do protect your eyes. And the surface area of the sunglasses cover your whole eye. I just need to quit wasting my money on them, and start spending it on things that I actually need....like make-up. ;)

Do you guys have any addictions to retail items?


"Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one."
           - William Shakespeare

I have tried to live my life according to this quote because I personally think that this is the way to live a successful life. Love all. Trust few. Do wrong to no on. But lately I have been thinking about this quote. And whether or not I should follow it. Maybe I am just crazy but when the trust thing comes into play...are you setting yourself up for disaster? Or maybe you need that trust to be a happy human-being. But what if that trust is broken? How are you supposed to deal with that?

I personally have been questioning this due to a series of events that have occurred in my life. I have never been the girl to trust a lot of people. To be honest I think I have only fully trusted one person in my life and I could tell them everything. But what do you do when you think that person is as honest with you as you are to them and in turn they actually aren't?

Maybe I am being a dramatic, adolescent girl but I am just in shock right now. I have been walking around the school with my head down and in sweatpants. That most definitely is not me. I thought that being lied to wouldn't effect me as much as it did, but I can't get myself to get over it. I'm trying so hard to...but can that trust be rebuilt after you have been lied to? I don't know how I will be able to do it. And I really hope I can.

So many things are going on through my head and I am just exhausted. Why can't I forget about it? I don't know. I guess we'll see what happens. But what do you guys think about trust? Should we let ourselves fully trust someone? Or should we just shut down to avoid being hurt? I would love opinions on this matter. Thanks so much.


My 8 Make-Up Pet Peeves

Time for a rant.

     I am definitely a make-up girl, and any of you that know me already know this. I love cosmetics and anything dealing with beauty, but defiantly the make-up part of it. So, I am very picky when it comes to doing my make-up and it definitely irritates me when someone did something sloppy or wrong. So here are some of my pet peeves that I see on a daily basis that people need to fix. Here it goes...

1. Lipstick on teeth - I see this one mostly one people that are 70+, which is understandable, I'm sure they really can't see where they are putting their lipstick to begin with. But when I see younger people with it, i think "Did you look at yourself before you left?". It just looks silly, so when wearing lipstick, make sure it's on the actual LIPS. ;)

2. Caked foundation - Oh my gosh, at my high school their are so many girls that do not know how to apply foundation. lol. I mean, I was a victim of this back in Jr. High but that was because no one ever taught me how to apply my make-up. So, for those of you who walk around school looking like your face is a totally different color than your neck...BLEND. Blend down towards your collar bone so it doesn't look so, fake. lol.

3. Over bronzed - Snooki might have made it famous, but she is the only one that makes it work. Too much bronze is never a good thing, let your true color show whether you are a ivory color or an olive color, each color is beautiful in itself. Don't overly bronze...please.

4. Two-tone eyeshadow - Okay, this is probably one of the eyeshadow looks that get done wrong ALL of the time. I'm all for different colors at once, but the thing I really hate is when girls have half of their lid one color and the other half another. No blending or anything. News flash, your eye looks like an Indonesian flag.

5. Mascara on eyelid - When this happens to me I make sure to take off my eyeshadow and start over because it just looks tacky with mascara marks all over your eyelid. Yes it is a hassle, but it has to be done. lol.

6. Too much mascara - You all have seen that girl with 1cm lashes. Big clumps of black. Spidery, nastiness. Not a good look.

7. Too much eyeliner - I went through a phase back in Jr. High where I though eyeliner made me look older and attracted the boys. I was so wrong. It's never good to look like a raccoon. And it definitely does not make you look older. I can't believe I actually thought it did. Let your eyes be seen, don't cover them with an inch of black eyeliner.

8. Too much highlighter - I personally love highlighter, but too much is not good. You just look like a shiny faced manican. Make sure to just use it on your temples, cheek bones, forehead and bridge of your nose.


Just a little blurb of my life. :)