I am addicted.

I officially own 11 pairs of sunglasses. All different styles, colors, and sizes. I can't control myself. I have probably spent 100 dollars at F21 just on sunglasses. I have a problem. But, I will embrace it. Just the other day I bought a pair of blue retro sunglasses for 1.50. They just keep tempting me and I can't control myself! Do you guys have any addictions to retail items?

I guess they are kind of a good addiction, right? I mean they do protect your eyes. And the surface area of the sunglasses cover your whole eye. I just need to quit wasting my money on them, and start spending it on things that I actually need....like make-up. ;)

Do you guys have any addictions to retail items?


  1. I used to have a pretty huge sunglasses problem myself. But i recently dedicated myself to one pair of RayBans. LOVE them!

  2. Forever 21 sunglasses are awesome! I am constantly losing mine or just throwing them in my purse or around my car. F21 ones are great because they are so cheap that you don't have to worry about ruining them, but they look really expensive!


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