30 days -- all crammed into one hour. :)

Okay, this is a spin-off on the 30 days thing. It's a spin-off because, well...I did it in an hour and I didn't use all of the factoids we were supposed to use AND they are completely out of order. Anyway, enjoy. :)

 I am not going to list fifteen facts about myself, because, well...this whole post is about me anyway. ;)

 Kennis is my sissssta. She would be the person that I have been close to for the longest. She's annoying and breaks my car, but I love her.

 Pushing Daisies is my favorite show, well was...until those mean NBC people cancelled it. That was a sad Thursday. :(

 This would be a picture of a good night, prom night/birthday night/dancing/got my car/Chinese. :)
Oooo, I want Chinese now.

 Here is a picture of a memory. I went on a spontaneous trip down to C-bus with my BUFF, and we went to a three story F21. It was AWESOME.

 This is a picture that makes me laugh, seriously, every time. hahahaha.

 Here's another memory. :)

 This was an adventure I had again with my frannn. We are sooooo clever. :)
(No frogs were harmed in the making of this crime scene.)

 This makes me laugh! I thought it was so clever. :)

 They like to call him the 'Turkey Raper' at the dentist.

 Something I hate -- someone reading over my shoulder! Urghhh.

 This picture makes me laugh. Hahahahah.

 Someone who I love. :) My pa. :)

 Someone who inspires me-- My Momma. She's pretty cool. ;)  She's going to hate me for putting this on the world wide web, though. haha. Good thing she's tech-impaired.

A picture of me and my cousin when we were wittttttle. :)

 Someone I miss -- Remi. :( RIP

 I'm afraid to be kidnapped. :/ This picture urks me.

 My favorite book. Lauren Conrad - Style. :)

 Somewhere I want to go -- Venezuela.


Happy Cheese Day! :)

Well, actually it was yesterday...but I am just now getting to it. I just wanted to dedicate a post to Cheese day! Which was February 20th. MY personal version of cheese would DEFINITELY be mac-n-cheese, so here are some mac-n-cheese facts. :)

  • Crayola named one of their crayon colors “macaroni and cheese" in 1993
  • In 1937, Kraft introduced its famous boxed version of mac and cheese; nine million boxes were sold in the first year
  • The original source for Macaroni and Cheese is unknown but the first known written recipe is from thirteenth century southern Italy--recipe calls for lasagna sheets and fermented cheese.
  • Burgundy wine is recommended to be served with macaroni and cheese
  • Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing macaroni to the United States after he brought the first macaroni machine home with him from France

I know, this really doesn't tie-in with mac-n-cheese, but I thought I would end the post with something even MORE yummy. :) Red velvet hot chocolate. :) Mhmmm. I advise you to try it sometime. :)


Bug, ♥

HA - I can't believe that I actually titled this post "Bug, ♥". CHEEEEESY. (To be honest I really only wanted to use the little '♥' thing.) Anyyyyway...

I just did a post about my best friend, so I figured I should do a post about one of the other people I surround myself with, my boyfriend, Bug. And no, his name is not actually 'Bug', that's just what I call him. It all started with my mom calling him Drew Bug, and I just kind of morphed it into my own. And  I also think he looks more like a Bug than a Drew anyway. Lol.

I'm writing this post because, well, I had an iced coffee at Burger King and I'm not tired. And Drew is watching "The Social Network" right beside me, all snuggled up in a blanket with the hood of his hoody up. Whata cutie pie. :) I've already seen the movie so I not really interested. Not that it wasn't a good movie, I just would rather be doing this than re-watching a movie. Haha.

But anyway, on to some pictures! I love pictures. :) They are so much more fun to look at on a blog than just words. So, here we go. :)

 Meet Bug, he has been my man for two years and some odd months.

 This winter we went ice skating, it was sooo fun! Even if we fell some, but hey, whatever. ;)
(Ignore his eyes...I think he was blinking when I took the picture, but this is the only one i have. Lol.)

Last year...or maybe two years ago...he decided to climb the school and somehow he ended up on the roof, he's like a monkey. Lol. 

Last year (his senior year) he was chosen to escort one of the girls at our school in a pageant, he looked very handsome, and the girl who was chosen from our school did a great job!

 We started dating when I was a Frosh and he was a Junior, I am now a Junior and he is graduated. We have definitely learned a lot about each other in these past years, I'm so excited to see what else we learn!

I put this on here because I though it captured our personalities, he is tired...and I am being silly. :p

 Sexy man. (He's going to killllll me. Hahah.)

His family and him went to Michigan this year to the sand dunes, he wrote this in the sand and sent it to me, I thought it was soooo cute. :)

Yea, yea...lovey-dovey lovey-dovey. But I need at least one post about my man. I mean I have to show the world how lucky I am to have such a sweet heart! Lol. :)



Hello, I am making a tribute blog to one of my favorite people in my life, my best friend, Erika. :) And it will counteract the negative-ness of my last blog post, haha.

Meet Erika, she is a 5'3" ball of fun.

 We have been friends for 8 years, 4 months, and 21 days. (I just made that up, I'm not that creepy. Lol.)

 We snorkle in her pond and catch 6 foot catfish together.

 We go to the Zoo together and look at elephants with big..........tails.

And we sun-bath together to look hot, well...not like we have much problem in that area, we just look the most hot when we are nice and tannnnnn. :)

That is my best friend, I'm glad you all finally met her. :)

teen pregnancy is getting a little out of hand, huh?

90 girls getting pregnant in ONE, yes one, high school? Hard to believe, but it's true. In this video it'll show you what's goin' down in Memphis.

90 girls? Really? What I don't understand is how SO MANY people can be that stupid. I mean, I'm definitely not dissing on teenage mom's. But this chick that they interviewed...she's just...well, to be blunt, retarded. She is saying, , "It just happened", no, it didn't just happen...you made that choice to not use protection! I mean, uhhhhggg, it just aggravates me so much. Now, this poor baby is going to have a mother that can't support her. It's so sad. This girl also said that "It ain't nothin' new", yes...Terika, it is something a little new. You're school is the first school to ever have 20% of the female students pregnant at one time.

Now, this is not a dissing blog. And I know people DO make mistakes. But 90 girls...that is more than my entire class. And in the interview she said that these girls are making pacts of some sort to have babies together. Why would ANYONE do that, especially when you haven't even graduated high school! My goodness. These people just don't understand the consequences of having a child this young.

And shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant just advertise it. I came across an article a couple of weeks ago saying that girls were getting pregnant on purpose just to get on that show! That just shows how immature some of these girls are that are having children.

I do admire them for keeping the babies, though. And I am soooooo glad that they didn't abort them. But, I mean, it seems like people forget about the adoption aspect of it all. Also in the interview Terika said that she got pregnant because there wasn't enough taught at her school about it. UGH. I hate it when teenage mothers use that excuse. My school preaches abstinence, and that's it. But I still know that there are so many forms of birth control, shots, pills, CONDOMS. It's common knowledge.

And pleeeeaaaassse don't get me wrong, I am not categorizing all teenage mothers into one category. I'm just talking about the ones that make up excuses and end up having 3 more kids after the first one. I know first hand how hard having a child that young can be. My cousin (Who was 16 at the time) got pregnant and now we have a beautiful baby in the family (she's my favorite, actually). But I have seen the hardships that she has had to endure through the disapproving family members, to the cost of bills, and to the stress of it all. But she got lucky, her baby is the sweetest, most well behaved child that I have ever seen.

For those of you who happen to stumble across reading this, and are in a situations that could lead to STD's or pregnancy - let it be known that even if you can't afford birth control, there are still ways to get it if you do decide to have sex. Planned parenthood is a wonderful organization that can help those who are embarrassed to tell your parents, or are just going through a hard time. Before you even think about doing anything that could put you into a situation like this girls, check out this website. This epidemic needs to stop.

--- Now that is my rant, pheewwwwww....got that outta my system. ;)


Happy New Year! (:

Hey ya'll. It's a new year, obviously. And are you ready for some changes? You know what I mean, New Years resolution. Most everyone has them, but I was thinking...should I have one? My church friends have this thing called Cell Group, and during this Cell Group meeting this week we talked about New Years resolutions.

I don't think I have one. I mean, and I know this might sound a little self-conceited, but I don't really think I have anything I want to change about my life. I mean, my life is pretty awesome the way it is. Is it a bad thing that I don't have one? I'm sure I could think of something petty or just a little thing that I could change about myself, but there really isn't anything I feel I have to change.

Here are some of my thoughts about the most popular New Years Resolutions.

1. Spend more time with family. -- I mean, that is a good thing, but if you're MAKING yourself enjoy spending time with your family I think that is just defeating the point? I don't know. Lol.
2. Get Fit -- Okay, I am a victim of this one. I get out of shape EVERY  YEAR and it stinks, sure. But, I think society needs to start loving themselves the way they are. Unless you are jeopardizing your health.
3. Quit Smoking -- Okay, I personally think smoking should be illegal. It causes soooooo many deaths and it just makes me sad. :/ So if this is your resolution...stick with it.
4. Enjoy Life More -- Life is something that you have to learn. You have to learn how things work around you, in you're life. If you are being close-minded about certain things you aren't experiencing it, enjoying it. I mean, God gave you the GIFT of life, and still some people act like they hate it? Why are you so negative? You have SO many things you can do with your life other than drown in self-misery. (Sorry, people that are like that just aggravates me, lol.)
5. Get organized -- I'm organized when there are clothes all over the floor and make-up in every nook and cranny of my room. That's just how I am, I'm organized without being organized. If that makes any sense. I envy people that can keep everything in order. You guys are blessed. lol.