Happy Cheese Day! :)

Well, actually it was yesterday...but I am just now getting to it. I just wanted to dedicate a post to Cheese day! Which was February 20th. MY personal version of cheese would DEFINITELY be mac-n-cheese, so here are some mac-n-cheese facts. :)

  • Crayola named one of their crayon colors “macaroni and cheese" in 1993
  • In 1937, Kraft introduced its famous boxed version of mac and cheese; nine million boxes were sold in the first year
  • The original source for Macaroni and Cheese is unknown but the first known written recipe is from thirteenth century southern Italy--recipe calls for lasagna sheets and fermented cheese.
  • Burgundy wine is recommended to be served with macaroni and cheese
  • Thomas Jefferson is credited with introducing macaroni to the United States after he brought the first macaroni machine home with him from France

I know, this really doesn't tie-in with mac-n-cheese, but I thought I would end the post with something even MORE yummy. :) Red velvet hot chocolate. :) Mhmmm. I advise you to try it sometime. :)


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