teen pregnancy is getting a little out of hand, huh?

90 girls getting pregnant in ONE, yes one, high school? Hard to believe, but it's true. In this video it'll show you what's goin' down in Memphis.

90 girls? Really? What I don't understand is how SO MANY people can be that stupid. I mean, I'm definitely not dissing on teenage mom's. But this chick that they interviewed...she's just...well, to be blunt, retarded. She is saying, , "It just happened", no, it didn't just happen...you made that choice to not use protection! I mean, uhhhhggg, it just aggravates me so much. Now, this poor baby is going to have a mother that can't support her. It's so sad. This girl also said that "It ain't nothin' new", yes...Terika, it is something a little new. You're school is the first school to ever have 20% of the female students pregnant at one time.

Now, this is not a dissing blog. And I know people DO make mistakes. But 90 girls...that is more than my entire class. And in the interview she said that these girls are making pacts of some sort to have babies together. Why would ANYONE do that, especially when you haven't even graduated high school! My goodness. These people just don't understand the consequences of having a child this young.

And shows like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant just advertise it. I came across an article a couple of weeks ago saying that girls were getting pregnant on purpose just to get on that show! That just shows how immature some of these girls are that are having children.

I do admire them for keeping the babies, though. And I am soooooo glad that they didn't abort them. But, I mean, it seems like people forget about the adoption aspect of it all. Also in the interview Terika said that she got pregnant because there wasn't enough taught at her school about it. UGH. I hate it when teenage mothers use that excuse. My school preaches abstinence, and that's it. But I still know that there are so many forms of birth control, shots, pills, CONDOMS. It's common knowledge.

And pleeeeaaaassse don't get me wrong, I am not categorizing all teenage mothers into one category. I'm just talking about the ones that make up excuses and end up having 3 more kids after the first one. I know first hand how hard having a child that young can be. My cousin (Who was 16 at the time) got pregnant and now we have a beautiful baby in the family (she's my favorite, actually). But I have seen the hardships that she has had to endure through the disapproving family members, to the cost of bills, and to the stress of it all. But she got lucky, her baby is the sweetest, most well behaved child that I have ever seen.

For those of you who happen to stumble across reading this, and are in a situations that could lead to STD's or pregnancy - let it be known that even if you can't afford birth control, there are still ways to get it if you do decide to have sex. Planned parenthood is a wonderful organization that can help those who are embarrassed to tell your parents, or are just going through a hard time. Before you even think about doing anything that could put you into a situation like this girls, check out this website. This epidemic needs to stop.

--- Now that is my rant, pheewwwwww....got that outta my system. ;)

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